Boys Volleyball Recap

Last week’s matches vs. Campolindo


The JV boys volleyball team lost to Campo 2-0.  This was the team’s first match of the season, and for some, the first match of their lives.  During the first game, there were the usual nerves, but as they settled into their game, the play became more competitive. Justin Law set the tone with strong passing, while Thomas Terrien delivered increasingly hittable sets.  Hitters, Misha Stewart and Griffin Ruebner scored some key exclamation points for the team, and Conner Wollman and Jacob Madrigal showed their promise as blockers. Solid play was also turned in by Kabir Batra and Matthew Jabbour


The Dons varsity boys volleyball team put on a great show against a very strong Campo team. The first game was off to a slow start, but the guys got their footing and came back strong – but not enough to take the first game.  The second game was extremely tight with the Dons leading into the final points, but a couple missed serves turned the game around for Campo – with the Dons ultimately falling 25-23.  In the final game, the lead exchanged hands almost every other point, with the Dons taking the third and final game 28-26. This Dons team proved tonight that they are a serious contender.