Strength & Conditioning Program

At a Boosters meeting early in 2018, someone asked a simple question: “How can we help our student athletes train so they become stronger, faster, more agile, and less prone to injury?” This simple question led to establishing a Strength & Conditioning Program at Acalanes.

Strength & conditioning is a proven way to prevent injury and increase performance. Many competing high schools emphasize these programs.  To make the program a reality at Acalanes, Boosters partnered with the Football Foundation and School Administration to hire staff and purchase a variety of new equipment for athletes to use in their workouts.

The program provides every athlete the opportunity to train for their sport and elevate their fitness and performance while decreasing their risk of injury.  Athletes are encouraged to participate with their team, both on and off-season, or to work out during other teams’ available times in the weight room.  Most of our sports have taken advantage of the program.

The program has given our athletes an opportunity in a safer environment that will help keep them on the practice and playing fields all season, not to mention help improve their performance and enjoyment of their sport.  Since its inception, the program has been a huge success!

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Hear what Athletic Trainer Chris Clark and Our Coaches have to say about Strength & Conditioning.


Any Acalanes athlete is eligible to sign up

Yes, coaches will engage in the S&C program as a team. The student-athletes on those teams will receive instructions from their coach and the S&C about team-specific workouts.

Yes! If you are an individual athlete who doesn’t have team time available, you are welcome to work out with other teams.  Talk to our athletic trainer Chris Clark about an open team time that works for you.

Your coach will be trained on the workouts and will also be supervising the athletes and tracking their workouts. However, once athletes are comfortable with their workouts, they can perform them anywhere.

Besides athletes who have team S&C times, other athletes are free to come to those workout times with approval from that team’s coach. Then the athlete is free to work out during those hours or take those workouts to another gym elsewhere.