Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Program

At a Boosters meeting early in 2018, someone asked a simple question: “How can we help our student athletes train so they become stronger, faster, more agile, and less prone to injury?”

This simple question sparked an idea that caught fire, and for the last two years the focus of our Fund-A-Need fundraising efforts has been to develop better training programs for our athletes.  Boosters made this idea a reality in 2018-19 with the first ever Strength & Conditioning Program at Acalanes.  The program was a huge success, with most of our sports programs taking advantage of the initial program.   Now, more programs want to join in, and more Strength & Conditioning coaching hours and resources are being added.  

This program is funded 100% by Boosters and has two components. First, Boosters has contracted with a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, who is trained in developing and supervising workouts customized to each sport.   Our S&C coach will be at Acalanes multiple times each week to supervise workouts and assist athletes and teams with their programs. Second, Boosters has partnered with the Acalanes Football Foundation to purchase a variety of new S&C equipment for athletes to use in their workouts.

This Strength & Conditioning program will provide every Acalanes athlete the opportunity to train for their sport and elevate their fitness and performance while decreasing their risk of injury.  Athletes are welcome to participate with their team, both on and off season, or to workout on their own in the Acalanes weight room.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Acalanes S&C program:

Any Acalanes athlete is eligible to sign up.

Yes, some coaches will decide to engage in the S&C program as a team. The student-athletes on those teams will receive an  instructions from their coach and the S&C about team-specific workouts.

Yes! If you are an individual athlete, you can welcome to workout on your own.  Talk to the S&C about creating a workout for specifically for you.

Boosters has contracted with a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. They will be present during Open Hours and team workouts in the weight room or other training locations at Acalanes such as the gyms, pool deck, football field, and blacktop area.  If your athlete’s sport is registered for team workouts, your coach will be trained on the workouts and will also be supervising the athletes and tracking their workouts. However, once athletes are comfortable with their workouts, they can perform them anywhere.

Athletes are free to come to Open Hours and no reservation is necessary.  Open hours will be determined by available funding and need.  It is recommended that the athlete reach out to the S&C coach to set up an initial meeting to go through their exercises.  Then the athlete is free to work out during open hours, or on their own at Acalanes or elsewhere.  Space permitting, its also possible for athletes to work out on their own while other teams are in the weight room.

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