Instructions and Guidelines for Acalanes Boosters website Posts

The Acalanes Boosters website is generally available to anyone on the web.   The reputation of Acalanes Boosters, Acalanes athletes, Acalanes High School, and our community, in general, are impacted by the content and tone of all posts on this website.  Therefore, all imagery, writing, and any other content must meet the highest standard of civility, accuracy, and common sense.

When posting information, all team reps and other persons posting any information shall abide by the following mandates:

  1. Derogatory comments about athletes are not allowed — neither for Acalanes nor opposing athletes.Factually reporting failures common to a sport, such as “Athlete Z missed a final shot at the buzzer,” is acceptable.  It is not acceptable to add commentary such as “Athlete Z made a horrible shot at the buzzer and blew the game,” or “Why our worst shooter was taking the last shot we’ll never know.”  Keep negative game reporting factual, without unnecessary color commentary, and avoid all derogatory comments about any athlete(s).
  2. Negative comments about game officials are not allowed.We have all seen good, and bad, performances by officials.  If there is an issue with an official’s performance, it should be raised with the leadership of that officiating group, not aired on this website.   Comments such as “The officials made two questionable calls in the game” are acceptable.  Comments that identify specific officials, question officials’ ethics or qualifications, and anything derogatory about officials are not allowed.  Remember, those officials may read your post and may officiate our next contest.
  3. Negative comments about Acalanes or opposing coaches are not allowed.Keep all commentary about both Acalanes and opposing coaches factual, and avoid negative color commentary.   Factual game-reporting comments such as “Coach Z made a late game switch that didn’t pay off,” are acceptable.   Color commentary such as “Coach Z made the horrible decision to switch Athlete Z for Athlete Y that cost us the game,” is not acceptable.  Derogatory comments about Acalanes or opposing coaches are also not acceptable.  If there is an issue with a coach’s conduct, it should be reported to the appropriate athletic director, and not raised on this website.
  4. Negative comments about Acalanes or opposing fans are not allowed.Generally, commentary about fans, other than simple reporting about how many, how involved, etc., is not necessary.  All derogatory comments about opposing fans must be avoided.  If you feel the need to ask Acalanes fans to get more involved, clean up their trash, or the like, send them an email; do not use this website for such communication.
  5. Ensure all imagery is reasonable and does not present any athlete, coach, official, or fan in a negative or compromising light.Candid sports images can often catch participants in poses or expressions that are less than flattering.  Be sensitive to images that portray participants in awkward, strange or even ‘funny’ positions, poses, or situations. Such images can go viral, and negatively impact the participants involved, so carefully review images before posting, and avoid questionable images.

Now that you’ve read the guidelines, you can read the posting instructions here:

OPEN Detailed Posting Instructions PDF HERE