AUHSD Expectations for Parents and Spectators

The many values and attitudes learned by student-athletes include responsibility, self-discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, work ethic, integrity, and personal sacrifice for the good of others. Parents are expected to support these values at all times by displaying the behavior that is generally referred to as “good sportsmanship.”

Included in the display of good sportsmanship by spectators are the following behaviors:
  • Spectators are expected treat players, coaches, and officials with respect. No personal, non – performance related comments are tolerated. Show respect for the decisions made by contest officials.
  • Modeling positive support for the teams in every manner possible, including the content of cheers and signs.
  • Spectators must follow all host site rules and follow directions and rules set by the administrators or designees from either school.
  • Respecting and following the rules required of spectators at the venue where the contest is being held. These rules are put in place to create a safe environment where the goals of high school athletics can be fully supported.
  • Face painting is contrary to league rules and not acceptable.
In the high school gym or football field, spectators are required to:
  • Respect the portions of the bleachers set aside as student cheering sections for both the home and visiting schools.
  • Refrain from using any items which could be disruptive to the game. Included among these are noisemakers, flags, balls, and laser-lights.
  • Remain off of the court or field at all times. League rules prohibit spectators from being on the court during time-outs, half times, or between contests.
  • Remember that the only spirit-leaders allowed out of the bleachers are the official squads supplied by each school. Request for spirit-bands must be made in advance of the game.
  • Realize that there are no “return privileges” for the gym or football field. That once a person has left, they have left the event for the evening.


Thank You for Your Help in Making This a Safe, Fun and Entertaining Season!