Register Now: Acalanes Athletic Clearance

Athletic Medical Clearance/“Pass to Play 2024”

  • Saturday July 27, 2024
  • 9 am – 1 pm: Appointments every 15 minutes
  • Cost: $50
  • Registration required – no walk-ins!

1. Schedule an appointment:

2. Complete Acalanes Athletic Clearance PDF: Fill out “Medical History” on pages 1, 2 & 3, most of page 4 is for Dr. to complete. Bring ALL 4-pages to Golden State Ortho.

3. Register your athlete on SportsNet: Link: Note: You and your athlete also will have to electronically sign/agree to school policies, etc. When it comes to the “Physical Examination” toward the end of the SportsNet process, it will give you two buttons to choose – the “Upload documents” button or the “Continue” Button. Choose the “Continue” Button (because Acalanes will upload the completed medical clearance form on your athlete’s behalf). Once you’ve completed your SportsNet registration – it will send you a confirmation email.  

*** Complete Steps 1-3 above BEFORE July 27 ***

4. On July 27, show up at Golden State Orthopedics (2625 Shadelands Drive Walnut Creek): Athletes must have completed all the steps above – including bringing their 4-page print-out (step 2)

5. At and After the Appointment: Acalanes representatives (Gina McKenzie  and Kristie Darin) will be on site to collect all the paperwork from the athlete (giving each athlete a copy for their records) and ensure it is in good order before passing it to Acalanes Athletic Director Randy Takahashi. Once Mr. Takahashi processes the paperwork and uploads it to SportsNet, SportsNet will then send an email to the email of record confirming that the athlete is medically cleared. If an athlete is not cleared, the paperwork will be emailed back to the SportsNet email of record with more information as to why.

Questions? Reach out to Gina McKenzie – Acalanes organizer (415.515.1899 //