JV Girls Volleyball shines against Archie Williams Falcons

The fans were in full force for this JV head to head where the Dons looked to up their record of pre-season DUBS before getting ready for the show. And they didn’t disappoint!

Game 1.
Dominating offense was the theme of this pre-season match against the Archie Williams Falcons, setting the stage for what is sure to be a dominating Dons season!

Game one was all about the serve!

The Falcons opened with their first serve that hit that MASSIVE brick wall, named Maggie Krackler, who stood like a giant sequoia at the net and with a SMASH took the serve and first point for the Don’s.

Ellie Blanchard then set the tone with an CRUSHING opener. Followed by Stella Larkin with a run of 5 straight points forcing a timeout.

After getting the serve back, Coach Allen ordered up some dominating serve velocity from Ella Chong, Including 3 Smokin’Aces that just couldn’t be returned. I mean it sounded like a freaking sonic boom in the gym and it forced ANOTHER timeout by the Falcons – and who could blame them for having to re-group. Several fans were checking their phones for an emergency alert about an earthquake in the region.

After the timeout, Ella continued to bring the heat…literally hotter than inside the gym. Serious. I think she served for 8 straight points…but it felt like 15!

Valeria Toledo, stole the serve back with a thundering smash to get the final serve back and finish game 1.

Game 2.
Game 2 opened with a crisp serve from Sydney Graves for the opening points. Maggie Krackler was responsible for two opening smashes followed by a crusher of a smash from MeherJeyakrishnan, leading to a streak of 8 points with strong assists from Sydney Graves, Maggie and Juliana Harhay.

The defense was really on fire taking all the Falcon serves back after just 1 serve. Stella Larkin’s serve was good for another 7 straight before the Falcons called timeout. And when everyone came back, so did Stella’s groove, as she served for another 5 straight for a total of 12 points.

An absolute spectacular “up” at the 23-3 mark by Lesley Trowbridge, gave the serve back to the Don’s for the final time, ending game 2: 25 to 3.

In the end, the Dons had Falcon soufflé for dinner in two straight games.  The Dons stand tall with a 2-1 record pre-season record and one more test before the real season starts.

Asked after the game about their performance and hopes for the season, Maggie Krackler said, “I don’t talk to strangers, even if they are Stella’s dad.”

Go Dons!!