All Eyes Are On Up And Coming Dons JV Boys Water Polo

Acalanes Boys JV Water Polo crushed Clayton Valley 9-5 during the opening night of the College Park JV Water Polo Tournament Thursday night.  This young and previously inexperienced Team has knuckled down all season with more than 10 hours a week of practice every single day after school, and the result of their sweat and dedication was clear to everyone on the pool deck that night — especially the Clayton Valley Ugly Eagles.

Goalie Ryder Bradford-Urban achieved the undisputedly best game of his career with laser-accurate long passes and multiple heroic blocks, and was aided by the fierce Defense and Offense of his powerful teammates.  Nine goals were scored with the combined force of Hans Ramirez, Sam Whipple, Tyler Gerhardt, Justin Rosenblatt, Toby Brock-Utne, and Alexander Butler-Kurimai proving that this up-and-coming team of superstar athletes is wide as well as deep.  Dominant support and assists came from all players including Owen Hulst, Cyrus Tabatabai-Ghahyaz, Dylan Machado, Charles Schultz, Mateo Picard, Malleus Kadai, Ethan Zolboo, and Rocco Fraioli.

As the Boys JV Water Polo Team winds down their season this Tournament weekend with 6 games in 4 days, we can expect to see them continue to crush the opposition with extraordinary effort and tremendous heart lead by their dedicated Coaching staff of Nick Jordan, Jack Norton, and Ron Johnson.  Fans are breathlessly awaiting the 2023 Season when these outstanding athletes will return with a year of experience behind them and a fierce desire to dominate the moment the first whistle blows.