Mother’s Day Weekend: Make it Wo-DON-derful

The one and only the Dons Sports Mom-and Acalanes have many from the pool to the court to the field.  Sports Moms are the cheerleaders, no matter what the numbers on the scoreboard say.  And if that scoreboard says ‘Dons winning’ you can see and hear their Dons pride.  Yes, the Don Moms are easy to spot with a blue wig, Acalanes hat or maybe screaming “that’s my baby!” after a goal, touchdown or crossing the finish line or thinking those same three words inside their heads as they quietly sit, beaming with pride.  Sometimes, they are coaches. Other times, they are fans. But they are ALWAYS mom! 

Thank you, Don Moms, for encouraging your Don to be a good teammate, a tough competitor, to have fun, and to be grateful for all of it. Thank you for being the heart and soul to our Dons Sports community all year. From pasta feeds to poster making to carpooling to cheering to waving pom-poms to early mornings to late nights, home games or away games. Look on the sidelines, look in the bleachers and look in your child’s heart and you will find DONS MOM LOVE for Acalanes. This Mother’s Day weekend we hope your family team recognizes all you do. This weekend we are cheering you on!

oh….and your mommies do LOVE those Dons!
Acalanes Sports Boosters says thank you to all the Don-Moms! We wish we could have captured all the BLUEtiful moms out there, but we did have a DONS MOM video to celebrate our mothers…Go Dons! Go Moms!