IT TAKES ALL OF US: Be There for Soccer!

It is suggested that cheering has a positive influence on the team’s performance. It’s why the “home advantage” has such significance – teams get a lot more fan support when they play on their own turf, and it gives the Dons an extra boost! Our Dons sports teams love when DONS Show Up!

Sports involve a mental and physical exercise for each player and team. Playing a game with no fans can directly impact the mental aspect of the game, which could then affect the quality of play. The constant cheering and the positive language towards the players can be motivating to players and teams. If players are hearing positive comments, it is going to drive them physically to play to the best of their abilities.  We all know that!

Currently, indoor sports have limited fans due to the current covid surge (no students), but we can have a DON SURGE at our soccer games. So, buddle up and show up for our Dons!