The Dons Varsity and JV boys water polo teams delivered solid performances to earn victories against Pinole Valley High School.

The Varsity team came out on top with a final score of 8-4, a result that underscores a balanced team effort. Thomas Parrott took the lead with two goals, but the squad demonstrated its depth as six other players—Dylan Machado, Isaac Topp, Tyler Gerhardt, Hans Ramirez, Justin Rosenblatt, and Will Paulsen—each contributed the six remaining goals. Goalie Ryder Bradford-Urban was a key player in preserving the lead, making critical saves, and coordinating the defense effectively. Teamwork was evident throughout the match, marked by crisp passing and several assists.

The JV team maintained its momentum with a 9-2 win, marking their second consecutive victory. Mason Schlehr and Owen Hulst each scored three goals, while Ethan Zolboo and Sebastian Strittmatter also found their way onto the scoreboard. Goalie Fisher Bradford-Urban was solid between the posts, making multiple blocks and initiating counterattacks with well-placed passes up the pool. Elijah Williams, a newcomer to the team, stood out by successfully stealing the ball multiple times and executing solid passes under pressure.

Both teams displayed commendable effort, hinting at their potential for the season ahead. The spirit and unity displayed in these games suggest a promising outlook. Follow the Dons in the pool as they navigate the rest of the season, aiming to build upon these encouraging performances.