Fear the FRESHMAN Blue!

If we didn’t know any better, one would think this team had been playing together for years! From start to finish the freshman Dons had a synergy that San Marin Mustang’s simply could not stop!! This freshman team of 67 players has a list of playmakers, both offensive and defensive, a mile long…

On the first drive of the game, QB Tyler Winkles completed a pass to A.J. Hastings for a touchdown, followed by a Winkles pass to Jackson Boselli for a 2-point conversion. Have these boys played together before? Dons up 8-0. San Marin’s offense could not do much when they got the ball back, and that story would replay throughout almost the entire game — intense pressure by the defense, incomplete passes, tackles, intentional grounding, sacks, interceptions and countless missed first down conversions.

On the 2nd drive, a reception by Grant Condy took the Dons all the way to the 1 yard line after great catches by Boselli and Finn Riviera. First and goal! San Marin intercepted the ball and the Dons didn’t score. But it wouldn’t take long to put more points on the board. Sam Phillips had a PICK SIX, followed by another 2-point conversion by Rivera. Dons up 16-0!

If you didn’t think the first pick six was exciting enough, Condy followed it up with ANOTHER PICK SIX on San Marin’s very next possession. And, yep, you guessed it… a 2-point conversion. This time Jasper Stewart took the helm and passed to Zachary Birrell. Dons up 24-0. Fear the Freshman Blue!

While the offense rested, the defense had to step up and keep the lead. Bryce Mansour made a tackle heard from the sideline. Anthony Heglie intercepted another San Marin pass (that’s interception #3 for the Dons if anyone is counting). The Dons headed into halftime with a 24-0 lead.

The second half began with Winkles back at QB and a TD by Rivera — only 13 yards, but that doesn’t account for the fact that he also ran the entire width of the field to reach the endzone! Can we get some extra yardage for Rivera’s stats, folks? Dons up 30-0.

It’s probably time to mention Shea Stahl. Stahl’s kickoffs and punts throughout the game kept San Marin’s offense so far from the endzone. Sure, the Mustangs had a hard time getting the first down and moving down the field, but their field position after Stahl’s great kicks didn’t do them any favors. Fear the Freshman Blue!

The Dons were in great scoring position once again following a hook and ladder trick play: Stewart handed the ball off to Ben Mickelson, who lateraled to Mansour. QB Stewart ran it in for a touchdown on the next play and Mansour caught a pass for a 2-point conversion. Dons up 38-0.

Don’s defense late in the second half included tackles by Durham Vail, Mansour, Jimmy Cusumano, Luke Dafferner, Max Trexler, Will Miller and Hastings to name a few. Stewart also had a few notable QB sacks on defense.

Following a turnover on downs late in the 4th quarter, the San Marin Mustangs completed a short pass and ran past the Dons secondary for an 80-yard touchdown. Aaaaaand the kick is good! Dons up 38-7.

The final whistle blew, but these Freshman Dons are just getting started. The Dons Nation is HYPED for this team and the rest of the season. Thanks to all the families, friends, students and more that filled the stands for the first game of the season. Go Dons and Fear the Freshman Blue!