Acalanes 4×100- Simply INCREDIBLE!

Great teams have sense of purpose: they know what they are capable, they know what they do matters, focus on the moment and make a difference. Meet the four athletes with a great purpose: Ethan Torres, Kyle Bielawski, Trevor Rogers and Paul Kuhner. This mystic foursome took second place in the 2023 California State Championship with a record: 40.96 seconds and this record is now the 4th best record EVER in the state of California. And once again, they have set a new Acalanes school record in the 4×100.

2023 CIF 4×100 Silver Medal Rockstars

In this relay (4×100) each runner is in charge of 100m of the track. This is their real estate.    Side note, yesterday the CIF 100m (solo dash) first place winner won with 10.30 seconds.   So, you do the math… with Acalanes 4×100 race result of 40.96 seconds. Yes, it’s a different style of race with handing off a baton but it makes one scratch their heads a bit with the speed-momentum-desire-force that is developed within this relay team.  Is there hocus pocus?!  Nah.  Their Coach Joe Escobar was asked this question: What words do you wish all players could take to heart?   The whole is so much more than the sum of its parts.  Coach Escobar has no magic wand, just magic words and inspiration to lead these boys to their highest potential. Indeed. This was seen yesterday in Clovis and will be part of their hearts forever. Abracadabra…Here come the Dons!

Watch it here!

Granada Hills from Los Angeles took first place yesterday with 40.39 and Acalanes took second with the other many schools at the heels of the Dons. The Dons were behind Highlanders by .57 seconds. (not 57 seconds people, .57 of a second). It’s interesting to think about in public schools and athletics…a family decides buying a house saying, ‘ this is home’ when their child is still in diapers, then enrolls him in the local public school at age 5, shop at Safeway, the kids play Lafayette Little League, eat dinner once in a while ‘The Coop’ and Viola!  16 years that same baby is running in the California State Championship with three other athletes from the exact same zip code. As we know, public school coaches are limited to the athletes that are within district lines and boundaries. So, in this little sliver of California, we are proud to have Ethan, Kyle, Trevor and Paul as residents.  Hocus Pocus?  YES! It is pure magic, and it was a magical moment yesterday in the 2023 CIF State Championship.  Results: Track Scoreboard


Trevor Rogers: Class of 2024

Trevor Rogers competed in the Long Jump for the Dons. As a Sophomore, Trevor was part of the 2022 CIF State Finals, so this was his second trip to Clovis to make a jump for a medal. Yesterday, De la Salle took first place medal, and Trevor (now, a rising senior) took fourth place medal in the great state of California. We look forward to seeing him jump next year for Acalanes.  Take a second to review the results of the top 6 winners in state with remarkable all so close scores by millimeters, it is mind boggling all these athletes’ skills. Hocus Pocus? Perhaps…we know Trevor has some magic in his soul.  Results: Track Scoreboard