T&F Stanford Invitational Today and Tomorrow

T&F Stanford Invitational Today and Tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow, these athletes will travel to Stanford for the 2023 Stanford Invitational. Please help me in supporting and sending good luck vibes to our competitors:

Natalie Lyons – Long Jump, 4×100 Team

Carly Young-Harriman – High Jump, 4×100 Team

Portia Seymour – 4×100 Team

Tori Hiatt – 4×100 Team

Kyle Bielawski – 100m, 4×100 Team

Paul Kuhner – 400m, 4×100 Team

Ethan Torres – 4×100 Team

Luca Mathias, 4×100 Team

Tyler Hunt – 800

The Women’s 4×100 – Young-Harriman, Chelemedos (replaced by Natalie Lyons), Seymour, Hiatt
The Men’s 4×100 – Mathias, Kuhner, Torres, Bielawski
The 800m – Hunt

Please always check your TeamSnap, Acalanes Track website and the Acalanes Boosters website for more information. We can also be found on Instagram and FaceBook. Let’s do this!