JV Baseball: Pitchers Duel In Low-Scoring Affair

Both teams were strong on the pitcher’s mound on Thursday, but Miramonte was just a little bit stronger at the plate in a victory over the Dons on Thursday.  Logan Mikalis started the game for Acalanes and recorded 15 outs. Mikalis went five innings, allowing two runs on three hits, striking out three and walking one. Miller Smith  threw two innings out of the bullpen to close it out for the Dons. The two bright spots for the Dons  were a single by Henry Souza in the fifth inning and Ellis Burger with a double in the seventh inning. Dons lost 0 to 2.

LOVE The Umps!

Recently on a trip to SoCal, I went to see my friend’s son play Frosh baseball at my alma mater high school. It was 78 degree and felt like a perfect day for baseball. Driving to the game, my friend received a text message that the game against was canceled despite the clear skies and prefect temperature. The reason for the postponement? Not rain. Not sleet. Not snow. An umpire shortage. We have seen this in NorCal and it seems to be the situation in SoCal, and actually many programs around the USA (I read about it). Several area programs have been forced to cancel, postpone or have a parent or coach umpire the freshman and junior varsity games (all levels of baseball). This has been the option for many of our JV games-no umps. Games will continue to be canceled/postponed, particularly at the sub-varsity levels. For a sport that ranks fourth in the country in participation for high school boys behind only football, track and field and basketball, according to 2019-2020 numbers provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations, the thought of canceling games – and teams – due to a lack of umpires is a significant problem.

We need more people to get involved. Without adult participation, the kids don’t play. The word needs to get out because it is a critical issue in our sport.” Umpires typically make $65 for a high school game. Not exactly big bucks once you factor in equipment costs and gas money. But they do it because they love baseball.

From StarSports Magazine: Mike Mann has been umpiring for 36 years. “I got into it for the love of the game,” he said. “I grew up playing sports, have always been around it. It’s a way to make a little extra cash and give back to a game I love.” Mann, 66, did not plan to have such a jam-packed schedule this spring. He anticipated working maybe three days a week. Instead, he has been working six days with multiple games. ‘I’m supposed to be part-time,” he said. “But it hasn’t been that way at all.”

Fun Factor: Find a JV baseball parent and ask about the umpiring at the Miramonte away game last Tuesday. We need REAL umpires!