Thank you Acalanes Football Coaches for Spring Football 2021

The players trust Coach Burnsed and he believes in them.

Acalanes football has always been about building a solid foundation for a young person’s life, based on principles and experiences that can only be taught through the game. It’s about cultivating genuine relationships between players, coaches and a community of fans and that is what Coach Floyd Burnsed and all the Acalanes football coaches do so very well, especially in this zoom school-crazy no sports-covid world-Spring Football season. 

Coach Floyd Bunsed-Varsity Team

But this school year started out as covid guided our lives, classrooms were quiet, hallways vacant, our football bleachers sat empty and the excitement of Friday Night Lights were put on hold as our community missed the Dons on our football field. Yet in March that all changed, (and changed quickly), football and sports were back. Coach Burnsed and his coaching staff went full throttle to get over 120 football players ready to play within weeks!

This year more than any other year before, Floyd has modeled the true dedication and heart it takes to be a head coach. He’s given tirelessly of his time and energy to get us our season and to help the boys be ready when the time came. He’s taught them that hard work, dedication and perseverance pays off. We are so very grateful for his leadership and commitment to the Dons. Thank you, Floyd!!!  Huchingson Family

The Oh family is very thankful for the leadership of Coach Burnsed, Coach Ortega, Coach Blue, Coach Ingham, and Coach Hansen. They create a phenomenal team spirit, and drive for success. Graham has grown as a leader under their guidance. And a special shout out to Coach Hansen who has also mentored Graham in Finance, which will be his college major.

What a joy it has been being a part of this program led by Floyd  Burnsed! Our son Joey has really blossomed under Floyd’s leadership. He created a true family atmosphere that made the players feel safe, important, and valued. Coach Ortega’s expertise has been invaluable and Coach Ingram’s passionate life lessons have been inspiring to our players. The entire coaching team has been stellar! Coach Burnsed raised the bar by bringing us our first league championship in 40 years! It’s been a tremendous experience for our whole family and are happy we can continue to be a part of the winning culture that is the Acalanes Dons! Carrillo Family

Floyd Burnsed walks with respect among our players.  Thank you Floyd for being a great role model of strength, kindness, integrity for our boys and for teaching them how to be men of good character.  I am grateful to you that Jeremy has been influenced by you in his life.   Pearson Family

Coach Greg Young-JV Team

In September, Coach Young  (JV Head Coach) was asked about covid and football:   I believe they’ll never take their high school sport or high school for granted. Our J.V. team is really working hard and driven to improve and succeed.  In small part it’s maturity, just due to this time in their lives.  In my heart, I think the maturity comes from the fact that they’ve lost so much, over the last six months, they’ll never take anything for granted. For most of them, they’ve lost one-fourth of their sports careers. Going forward, they’ll work hard not only for themselves, but for each other.   Fast forward to right now, as he leads an undefeated JV football team with beating Miramonte last week with only 14 players (due to covid quarantine of nine players, no players tested positive). This quote is reality of the JV team today, a reflection of the JV season with the leadership and drive of the Coach Young and the JV coaches.

Coach Bill Hansen- Frosh Team

And if you thought coaching high school football was all about Xs and Os, blocking, tackling and scoring touchdowns, well that is just part of the program. Freshman football is where it all starts, making sure these kids begin to learn something about what it means to be young men, while playing football. Coach Bill Hansen wants the Freshmen players to remember something about the year besides the final scores, the big plays…and that is friendships in brotherhood. Coach Hansen does this every year with the Frosh players. He is truly a benefit to the Acalanes football program and all the new football Dons.


Our Acalanes Coaching Staff
Floyd BurnsedVarsity Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/QBAcalanes Dons Varsity
David OrtegaDefensive Coordinator/LinebackersAcalanes Dons Varsity
Joel IsaacAssistant OC/Offensive LineAcalanes Dons Varsity
Mark VicencioWide Receivers/Special Teams CoordinatorAcalanes Dons Varsity
Roman HawthorneDefensive Back CoachAcalanes Dons Varsity
Tim SilveiraDefensive Back CoachAcalanes Dons Varsity
DJ OrtegaLinebackersAcalanes Dons Varsity
Bryce HawthorneRunning Back CoachAcalanes Dons Varsity
Doug InghamDefensive Line CoachAcalanes Dons Varsity
Greg YoungJV Head Coach/Line CoachAcalanes Dons JV
Randy HendersonOffensive Coordinator/QBAcalanes Dons JV
Bill FraserDefensive Coordinator/Receivers/Defensive BacksAcalanes Dons JV
Rob CombiAssistant CoachAcalanes Dons JV
Bill HansenFreshman Head Coach/Defensive CoordinatorAcalanes Dons Freshman
Buddy RowellOffensive Coordinator/QBAcalanes Dons Freshman
Andy OrearLine CoachAcalanes Dons Freshman
Jesse StewartWide Receivers/Defensive Backs/Assistant OCAcalanes Dons Freshman