FRESHMAN TEAM-DAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 2020: Leave Your Heart on the Court!

Valentine’s Day came early as the Freshman Dons were given a special Valentine…Not chocolate, not flowers… the title of the 2020 Diablo Athletic League Champions.

The Freshman Dons ended their season with beating Los Lomas, 75-44 and placed the DAL champion crown on their heads. Miller Smith wanted to go out big and boy did he! Miller scored EIGHT 3 pointers and put 30 points on the scoreboard for the Dons.

Flashback to November, the Don’s first game was in Mill Valley, they arrived a bit nervous with jittery excitement. They didn’t know what the outcome would be because it was their first time playing together as a team. The Dons ended up beating Tamalpais High and that was the kick off to a successful season. Each game, each player…it was all Won-DON-erful to the very last basket of the season, a 3-pointer by Evren Rose right before the buzzer. Well DON-e!

Basketball has a way of bringing people together — whether on the court as players or parents cheering in the stands, there is a sense of unity.  “Oh that winning feeling” it ‘s contagious! And when you get that winning feeling, nothing else compares. Nothing compares to these men of Blue! They won it all for our school! Acalanes Proud!

Scoring Summary: Miller Smith (30), Jack Bayliss (23), Coco Gannon (7), Justin Zegaroski (5), Landon Best-Santos (5), Bennett Dodge (3), Evren Rose (3) Nathan Bennett (2)

League record 10-2, Overall season 23-3


Happy Valentine’s Day to our Freshman Champions!

Bennett From coast to coast we love you and from court to court we love to watch you play. Great Season! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Miller-We are head over ‘Hoops’ about #24. Everyone can see, feel and hear your enthusiasm, effort, and your Don LOVE. On the court and off the court you make your family PROUD! It’s MillerTime! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dominic…and so I ran. I ran up and down every court after every loose ball. You asked for my hustle I gave you my heart because it came with so much more…Love you always! An excerpt from “Dear Basketball”

Coco– Roses are Red Dons are Blue Coco loves AHS Hoops And being #1 too! So proud and we love you!

Justin – you’re a great team player who gives all you have. That’s Heart! That’s celebrating Valentine’s Day everyday.

Colin– Continue to play with your heart and smarts on the court! Your most loyal Valentines will always be cheering you on.

Landon– This Freshman season has been such an amazing time!  I am so proud of everyone (players, coaches and family), but I have to give the biggest shout out to my favorite human, Landon. Thank you for the ride, I can’t wait to see what is next! Remember you are the ‘BEST’!

Jack- A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player, I’m so happy you are both. Acalanes has a GREAT Frosh basketball team. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy this season of your life. You’ve been a blessing since the day you were born. We love you and are so proud of you. Happy Valentine’s Day. 

Nathan-you worked hard and finished well. We are so proud of our Kim Reaper!

NateWe love to watch your drive, your teamwork, and the way you push yourself every minute to improve. Swishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Zubin-Keep working hard and always show your best attitude and be the best teammate player and cheerer-no matter what comes your way! Loved watching you and your teammates play!

EvrenThere’s a dribble in your step–And the laughter that you kept-At the sillies of being me–Your exuberant mom—on your sideline—for eternity!

Kaleo– Always a team player with a big smile, big heart and big moves. You are a big important part of this Don Family!