Dons Varsity Volleyball Ropes the Broncos

The Northgate Broncos galloped into Lafayette to face off with YOUR Acalanes Dons girls volleyball team, and both teams are 2-2 in League play so it’s an important match. Woo Howdy Let’s Ride!

First Set:

1-2:  Dons get on the board with Erin Meade’s hard hit. Not returned.

2 All: Dons tie it up as Lane Webster steps in to dig one out of system – over to Sydney Sowarby who bumps it up to Makenzie Sauer for a solid kill.

5-7: Wild Bronco run. Kylie Wood slows the stampede with a middle kill.

10-12: Wood delivers a big roof!

11-12: Daisy Sibley’s buttery pass sets up Annika Olson’s power kill. Thunderstruck!

12 All: Wood again. Roof! Broncos tied up.

13-12: And the Dons re-take the lead as Webster saddles the Broncos with a sharp angle kill. Yipee!

16-15: Aly Kirke’s roof spooks the horses. Great blocking tonight from YOUR squad.

19-16: Diving Webster pancake saves the point and the Don’s score. Thoroughbred.

22-17: Webster fires another kill and Northgate heads back to the corral for a timeout.

23-17: Meade Ace!

24-19: Sauer rips one to the back line…set point.

25-19: Win! Yee Ha!

Second Set:

3-0: Olson.Kill.

4-2: Meade. Block.

8-2: Kirke. Kill.

9-3: Webster. Backset.

10-3: Kirke. Ace.

11-3: Olson. Dig….and then Elena Needs saunters up and fires off a kill. Dons aren’t wasting time, so we aren’t wasting words.

12-3: Kirke. Ace. Timeout Broncos.

13-3: Kirke. Ace again. Really. Hat Trick.

16-5: Needs. Kill. With authority down the line.

17-5: Sauer. Ace.

19-6: Kaylin Hiatt sparks the offense with a dig and Olson scatters the Broncos herd with a sharp kill.

20-6: Sowarby Ace. Aces all around!

21-6: Kirke crushes an overpass. Yummy like a sugar cube.

25-11: Webster dumps one over and Northgate watches it hit the floor in a circle. Campfire. Horses tied up for the night. Dons win the set.

Third Set:

2-0: Olivia Elliott and Madi Risch start the Dons off right in the 3rd with a block and a stuff.

6-3: Kirke yet another Ace. Yippee Ki-Yay!

7-5: Multiple diving digs from Parker Jung, and Wood terminates one straight down.

8-5: Another spectacular dig from Jung and then she floats a short over-the-shoulder free ball over for a winner. Kill! The Dons bench goes all wild stallion crazy.

12-7: Risch Bomb Kill, followed by double Sowarby aces. Dons breaking the Ponies tonight.

14-7: Another Risch kill and another Sowarby ace and Northgate has to visit the paddock with a time out.

15-7: Dirty Ace just rolls over the net for another Dons score. Sowarby demoralizing the Broncos.

17-12: Aisha Mohanty lofts a smooth-as-a-pillow set up to Lauren Davis who destroys it on an angle.

18-12: Risch. Ace!

19-12: See above!

20-14: Nifty Needs kill.

23-18: Wood little cowpoke punch kill in the middle caroms off a Bronco. Smart play.

25-18: Hiatt with nice digs…Wood finishes off the Broncos with another kill. This rodeo is over.

YOUR Dons finish the first half of league play at 3-2 and in Second place behind Campo…who looms next on the schedule. But when will the game be played? Not until the power comes back on, which won’t be tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

Get pumped, hug it out
Erin Meade down the line
Annika Olson: ‘Its ma birthday…
Makenzie: ‘You’re making this look easy Kylie!’ Senior Kylie Wood #7