Don JV Volleyball Bucks the Broncos

YOUR JV Dons volleyball team is now 4-1 in league play after beating Northgate at home on Tuesday night. The first set was close as the Dons and Broncos were within 1-2 points of each other the entire set.  The Dons were playing relaxed and confident, and defense was solid early on with libero Kira Wood and Tate Huisingh doing their part in the back row. Emma Johnson and Gianna Manzone both put down some early hits, and middle Alara Rose had kills and stuffs aplenty.  Setters Rachel Zhang and Mara Korzeniowska did a nice job of giving their hitters plenty to swing at. Wood served up a couple aces to tie the score at 20-20.  Then suddenly it was the Tate Show…serving, digging and getting kills. She was Northgate’s worst nightmare! Johnson ends the set with an unreturned bullet and Dons win 25-22. The Second set was all about Acalanes. Johnson had a 7-point serving run to give the Dons a comfortable lead.  Then Maya ‘on fi-ya’ Paul had a sweet serving run of her own, and Dons are up 21-6. Northgate rallied back with a little run of their own but ultimately couldn’t get past Carly Coffee’s consistent digs in the  back row. The finisher Huisingh delivered a kill to put Northgate out of their misery 25-13. With the status of the Campo match in doubt, these girls will be likely be back next week playing at Alhambra on Tuesday.  Go Dons!!

This never gets old
Just try to get past us, I dare you! (Coffee, Rose, Huisingh)
We got Coach Alan Go….and you don’t!