Varsity Sport Cheer ends 2019 season with big win over Las Lomas

Go big or go home! Despite having half the roster size as their opponents, Girl’s Varsity Competitive Sport Cheer stepped up to the challenge Friday, April 19, 2019. Hosted at Las Lomas, the tournament’s Senior Night included games against College Park and Las Lomas. With only 1 sub for the entire day, most of the team was on the floor for every round — across two games. The young team was in game face mode, hitting big stunts they previously didn’t even have enough athletes to fill. The crowd roared in pride with shoutouts from other schools and the opposing bench.

Originally predicted to sweep the season, the Acalanes CSC lineup was hit with unrelated pre-season injuries, and athletes that opted out in preference for non-competitive cheer. On the flip side, it left a young, dedicated team (half of which had no competitive stunt experience) with plenty of focused training and competition floor opportunities. Our athletes adapted quickly and finished the season able to execute a number of plays used at the collegiate level. An especially big achievement considering majority of the DAL teams are made up cheerleaders that have trained together in all-star teams since elementary school.


Acalanes 16 vs Las Lomas 6 | Once the team clinched an unbeatable lead, it was big grins and confident execution for the remainder of the competition. Q1 started with Partner Stunts, Q2 Pyramids & Tosses, Q3 Group Jumps & Tumbling, Q4 is the Combined Team Performance featuring all 3 categories. Check out the last round of the season! Pyramids start around 1:27.

Acalanes 10 vs College Park 11 | Sharp execution! The Dons hit nearly every partner stunt and tumbling round. Signs of wear popped up during pyramids with obvious loss of stunt control. The women regained composure immediately to cleanly finish off the round. The game was so close, it seemed every other round was subject to video review. (CSC 101: Live game is recorded for video review; coaches can challenge point calls.)

The Acalanes Cheer Program shifts into tryout mode this week 4/22-4/26 for Fall Sideline Cheer. Learn more about the Acalanes Cheer Program at and