FROSH VOLLEYBALL: Victorious in their First League Game, Defeating Las Lomas 2-1

On Tuesday, the Freshman girls were victorious in their first League game, defeating Las Lomas 2-1.  Eliza Gullberg set the stage with some formidable serves at the outset.  Las Lomas then chipped away at that lead and Acalanes was down 7-10 until Fiona Roux went on her first of several serving streaks, until the team lead 12-11.  The girls demonstrated some fantastic team play with great setting from Grace Gallacher and Emma Seelenbacher and serious hitting  power from Mimi Maycock, Addi Ames, Grace Gallacher, Megan Churchill, Skylar Platto and Emme Cain, but Las Lomas proved a worthy opponent, getting the score to 17-24.  Lily McKinney kept the game competitive to the very end with a series of gorgeous aces until Las Lomas won their final point, finishing the first game 22-25.

Early in game 2, Addi Ames showed Las Lomas that Acalanes meant business, with a series of aces, providing the team with a lead of 9-3.   After some back and forth, Las Lomas was closing in (13-10) when Fiona Roux went on an acing spree, putting the girls in a healthy lead of 21-11. The front row presence including Emme Cain, Addy Treeter, Grace Gallacher and Addi Ames kept Los Lomas at bay (22-16), and then Emma Seelenbacher closed out the game with three final aces for Acalanes, ending 25-16.  

Acalanes didn’t let up in the third round, with some great serves from Lily McKinney, Sklyar Platto and great contributions from the front row hitters including Addi Ames and Grace Gallacher.  Fiona Roux went on one more serving rampage, bringing the team to 14-6, and the team soon handily won the third game 15-6.