Sep 19 – Friday Sports Page

In Thursday’s action…

Girls Tennis

was defeated by Dougherty Valley HS. The JV team fared no better.

Freshman Football

tamed the Analy HS Tigers 42-12.

In Friday’s action…

Varsity Football

hosts Tennyson HS. JV at 4:30 and Varsity at 7:00.

Girls Water Polo

plays at Sir Francis Drake HS. Varsity at 5:00 and JV at 6:00.

In Saturday’s action…

Cross Country

competes in the De La Salle & Carondelet Nike Invitational at Newhall Park at 8:45.

Thursday’s individual standouts…

Varsity Girls Tennis

Isabella vonEbbe won her singles match.

JV Girls Tennis

Maddie Guzaitis & Kelianne Witt won their doubles match.

Freshman Football

Robbie Rowell threw five touchdown passes and ran in for another. Nick Price caught three of the touchdown strikes and returned an interception for a score. Ryan Nall and Trenton Tso received the other scoring passes. Joey Gladden scored a rushing touchdown. Tyler Schenone had 2 interceptions.

R. Takahashi

Sep 18 – Freshman Football highlights

Acalanes freshman football improved to 3-0 with a 42- 12 victory over Analy HS (2-1). After the Dons held the Tigers on their first possesion with great defense by Nick Henderson and Joey Gladden, quarterback Robby Rowell would hit Nick Price for a 27 yard touchdown pass. On their next possession Rowell would connect with Price again for a 25 yard touchdown. In the second quarter, Rowell added touchdown passes of 27 yards to Ryan Nall and 20 yards to Trenten Tso. Rowell would score himself on a short quarterback keeper. The Acalanes defense was solid in the first half with two interceptions by Tyler Schenone and a 45 yard interception for a touchdown just before halftime by Nick Price. In the second half Rowell would hit Price for a third time with a 35 yard touchdown pass. Joey Gladden added a 3 yard touchdown run to finish the scoring.

The Dons play at home next Wednesday at 5:00 against De La Salle.

Jeff Merken

Sep 18 – JV Girls Take Down Monte Vista

The JV girls volleyball team played Monte Vista on Thursday night. The girls hit the court in the first game of the match with a shaky start- losing 25-16.  Recomposing themselves for the next game and fighting hard beat the Mustangs 26-24.  In the final game of the match- the Dons and Mustangs battled back and forth for a nail biter- ending with the Dons on top with a win of 16 -14.  Outstanding gusty playing by Alex Madsen, Rachel Lom, and  Caroline Passalcqua.  Proving they have ice in their veins under pressure, the serving skills of Kaitlin Clever, Liza Pressman, Margo Audley and Heidi Stanford racked up the points from the service line.  Perfect setting by Lon Chi Ho and Margo Audley, with at the net blocking by Lexi Fraser, Windy Margerum, Melissa Elliott and Theresa Nevins.

Caroline Passalacqua and Lexi Fraser with outstanding contributions at the net and powerful hitting were the game’s MVPs.

The JV girls played Antioch High on Wednesday night.  Handily beating Antioch in 2 games-   25-14 and 25-10.

Heidi Stanford for her outstanding digging and serving and Rachel Lom for power kills at the net earned them the game’s MVPs.

Congratulations Girls.

Lisa Passalacqua

Sep 18 – Dons play tough against Monte Vista

Your Acalanes Dons traveled to Alamo to face the Monte Vista Mustangs.

Game 1

0-0 Grace Bolen fires off an ace for the first points of the game.

1-1 Maddie Graham crushes a Bolen set for the kill.

2-1 Graham – ace.

3-1 Molly Dalziel gets the outside set and smokes the ball cross court for the kill.

5-2 Bolen sets Dalziel inside and she slides towards the middle for the kill.

9-5 Dalziel back row kill.

12-8 Dalziel with another back row kill, this time off the block.

13-10 Dalziel with the cross court kill off the block.

16-12 Serve to Dalziel who passes it to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the kill past two blockers.

18-14 Graham takes the inside set and gets a kill.

19-15 Bolen delivers a sweet “1” to Mimi White for the kill.

23-24 Julia Gay back sets Dalziel who pulls out the killer roll shot to the open middle of the court.

24-24 A Mustang middle goes for the kill, but is Mollified. Molly Armstrong and Dalziel with the superb double block for point.

26-27 Bolen quick sets Armstrong who destroys the ball straight down for the point.

27-29 Monte Vista wins.

Game 2

0-1 Dalziel starts the Dons off with a back row kill to the corner.

1-1 Jones crushes a cross court kill 8 feet off the net.

4-3 Graham soft rolls the ball from the back row over two defenders for the point.

7-15 Armstrong takes out the trash and crushes a Monte Vista overpass for the kill.

9-16 Graham goes by two blockers for the cross court kill.

10-17 Graham/White combine for the wall of hands and block for point.

11-19 Jones with the kill off the block.

12-19 Jones with the kill to the back corner.

13-19 Gay with the ace!

14-19 Jones soft hits to the open middle and point.

16-22 Gay moves quickly to position herself in the right spot to pass a hard driven Monte Vista ball and keeping the point alive. Dons win the point.

18-23 Armstrong reads a Monte Vista quick set and swiftly moves the block to prevent the point.

19-25 Monte Vista.


Game 3

1-7 Jones takes the outside set and smashes the ball for the kill.

4-7 Bolen back sets Jones for the kill.

5-9 Jones pushes the ball past two defenders for the point.

8-14 Graham kill.

9-15 Dalziel gets a back row kill.

10-16 Graham with the kill off of the block.

14-22 Armstrong pushes the ball past two defenders for the point.

16-23 – “play of the night” – a pass off of a hard hit ball is going out of bounds near the net. Bolen hustles over to get an arm on the ball with a sweeping lunge and keeps the ball off the floor. But, it continues to head farther out of bounds and almost behind the up referee. Flying across the court, Devin Grobeck throws her body towards the ball. She commits two crimes by breaking the laws of gravity and physics, none the less, Grobeck somehow manages to not only touch the ball, but get it back over the net before she crashes into the stands. Dons point.

17-25 Monte Vista wins.

Dalziel – 9 kills

Jones – 8 kills

Graham – 7 kills

Armstrong – 3 kills

By Doug Dalziel

Sep 18 – Freshman Girls Volleyball loses close match to Monte Vista 2-0

It was all about defense as Monte Vista defeated the Dons in a close match 25-27, 28-30.  The Mustangs held the Dons to six kills, one each by Sam Sweeney, Shreya Ray, Maddie McDonagh, Kaitlyn McKendell, Hannah Edwards and Brooke Clark. Anna Dissman racked up 3 aces and Shreya added 2 but it wasn’t quite enough. The Dons’ defense held tough led by Haley Pinnella’s 4 digs.

Alan Enrici

Sep 18 – Thursday Sports

In Wednesday’s action…

Girls Volleyball

swept Antioch HS. Varsity finished 25-6, 25-10, 25-7. JV and Freshmen won in 2 games.

In Thursday’s action…

Girls Tennis

hosts Dougherty Valley HS. Varsity at 3:30 and JV at 5:30.

Girls Volleyball

plays at Monte Vista HS. Freshmen at 4:00, jv at 5:00 and varsity at 6:30.

Freshman Football

hosts Analy HS at 5:00.

R. Takahashi

Sep 17 – Dons Varsity Girls Volleyball wins big in 3

The Antioch Panthers came to Lafayette to play your Acalanes Dons.

Game 1

0-1 Maddie Graham starts the Dons off with a devastating kill 8′ off the net.

2-2 Grace Bolen sets Mimi White who crushes the ball on an angle 10′ off the net for the kill.

3-2 Julia Gay serves a bullet ace!

4-2 Repeat above!

7-3 Parker Jones boards the ace train.

8-4 Molly Dalziel receives the set from Bolen and Dalziel hits it hard. Antioch digs it up and the ball ends up back to Bolen to Dalziel who smokes it back to the same spot for the kill.

12-6 Bolen takes the pass and pushes a sweet set in front of Graham who soars high and long and with all of her energy moving towards the ball annihilates it for the kill.

14-6 Everyone now ” ace Grace in your face”

16-6 Dalziel back row cross court kill.

23-6 Graham gets the kill off of the block.

25-6 Dons win


Game 2

Bolen starts the game off with 4 service points

4-2 White kill.

5-4 Hannah Roberts with the perfect high pass to the waiting Bolen who has four options, and sets Parker Jones for the kill.

6-4 Dalziel cross court kill.

7-4 Roberts again with the perfect pass to Bolen and this time to Dalziel for the kill.

8-5 Dalziel, see 6-4.

9-5 Roberts “the passing machine” to Bolen who feeds Molly Armstrong for the kill 6′ off the net.

10-5 Dalziel solo block for the point.

11-6 Armstrong takes the “1” and delivers the kill.

12-6 Dalziel back row to the corner for the point.

13-6 Armstrong with a little chicanery and takes something off the hit and floats the ball over two defenders where it falls harmlessly for the point.

14-6 Armstrong, solo block, point.

15-6 Roberts crushes the ball cross court for the kill.

17-7 Roberts changes it up and gets the kill down the line.

24-10 Armstrong with the big arm swing for the kill and win.

25-10 Dons


Game 3

1-1 Dory Grobeck wight the ace to the back corner.

2-1 Graham kill.

3-2 Roberts splays out and gets the pancake just under the ball to keep it alive. The ball stays up and viable and the Dons win the point.

4-2 Jones massive cross court kill off of the perfect Grobeck set.

5-3 The roofing company of Jones & Armstrong appear for the point.

6-4 Jones smoke’n ace.

7-4 Grobeck to Roberts for the kill.

8-4 Roberts pulls out an ace.

9-4 Grobeck to Armstrong for the power kill.

14-4 Grobeck over in two for the point.

17-4 Graham with the kill off of the block.

22-6 The pass is ahead of Grobeck who hustles to reach it and deftly pushes it over for the point.

25-7 Dons win!

Dalziel – 7 kills, 1 block and 1 ace.

Armstrong – 5 kills, 2 blocks

Graham – 5 kills

Sep 17 – Freshman Girls Volleyball tame Antioch Panthers 2-0

The Frosh Dons defeated Antioch 25-10, 25-10 Wednesday at Acalanes. In the first set, Kaitlyn Enrici served 10 aces while Ren Dunwoodie had 2 kills.  Kaitlyn McKendell served up 3 aces and libero Hannah Edwards had 2 kills in the second set. The middles also lit up the scoreboard with 4 aces by Brooke Clark and 2 kills by Riana Buchman. On defense, Sami Broad led with 3 digs.

Sep 17 – Wednesday Sports

In Tuesday’s action…

Girls Tennis

was defeated by Las Lomas HS. The JV team recorded a 13-1 victory. Winning JV singles matches were Claire Pockell-Wilson, Allie Figueredo, Hannah Snyder, Riley Winquist, Kellianne Witt, Alexia Lucey, Kelly Min, Claire Terentieff, Sally Tang, Jessica Gerson, Niki Palamountain and Melanie Tymn.

In Wednesday’s action…

Girls Volleyball

hosts Antioch HS. Freshmen at 4:00, JV at 5:00 and Varsity at 6:30.

Girls Golf

has a match against Miramonte HS at Rossmoor GC at 3:30.

Click on image to buy game photos

R. Takahashi

JV Volleyball Northgate Tournament

The JV girls hit the road and played well in the Northgate Tournament this last weekend. The girls dominated and beat Antioch, Clayton Valley, and Branson making it to the gold bracket, ultimately losing to Monte Vista in a tight match. Acalanes plays Antioch on Wednesday at home. Freshman at 4:00, JV game is at 5:00, followed by Varsity at 6:30.

Lisa Passalacqua