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Photo courtesy of HomeTeam Sports Photography


Photo courtesy of HomeTeam Sports Photography

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All Eyes Are On Up And Coming Dons JV Boys Water Polo

All Eyes Are On Up And Coming Dons JV Boys Water Polo

Acalanes Boys JV Water Polo crushed Clayton Valley 9-5 during the opening night of the College Park JV Water Polo Tournament Thursday night. This young and previously inexperienced Team has knuckled down all season with more than 10 hours a week of practice every single day after school, and the result of their sweat and dedication was clear to everyone ...
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Celebrating Our Senior Boys Water Polo Dons!

Celebrating Our Senior Boys Water Polo Dons!

So proud of our awesome, hard-working Dons: Miguel Strittmatter, Austin Bishop, Harrison Labrosse, Christian Gotterup, Gavin Geer, Arthemis Berloui, Andrew Sappal, and Tommy Gallagher! GO DONS!!! ...
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The Fierce JV Dons

The Fierce JV Dons

Acalanes Mens JV Water Polo went into the brutal game Thursday knowing the odds would not be in their favor against the 44 deep Miramonte Water Polo lineup (Acalanes has just 12 JV players this year, 8 of whom are Freshmen without prior playing experience) And as expected, the Dons lost. But what Miramonte did NOT expect was the fierce ...
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Dons vs. Matadors

Dons vs. Matadors

The Acalanes men's water polo team hosted the defending North Coast champion Miramonte at the 'Beast' Thursday night. The first half was an absolute battle and the crowd was the loudest it has been in years! The waves of players Miramonte threw at the Don's in the end was just too much! Shout out to Harrison ( the wall) Labrosse ...
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Alexander Kurimai
Andrew Sappal
Artehmis Berloui
Austin Bishop
Christian Gotterup
Gavin Geer
Harrison Labrosse
Justin Rosenblatt
Miguel Strittmatter
Rocco Fraioli
Tommy Gallagher
Thomas Parrott
Toby Brock-Utne


Azaa Khatanbaatar
Charles Schultz
Cyrus Tabatabai-Ghahyaz
Dylan Machado
Ethan Zolboo
Hans Ramirez
Malleus Kadai
Mateo Picard
Sam Whipple
Tyler Gerhardt


8/13/2022 Alumni game Acalanes
8/31/2022 Northgate Acalanes 6:00 PM
9/3/2022 Menlo School Menlo School 12:30 PM
9/6/2022 College Park Acalanes 6:00 PM
9/16/2022 St. Francis Invitational Palo Alto 4:10 PM
9/17/2022 St. Francis Invitational tbd tbd
9/21/2022 Las Lomas Las Lomas 6:00 PM
9/28/2022 Berkeley Acalanes 6:00 PM
9/29/2022 Miramonte Acalanes 6:00 PM
10/5/2022 Campolindo Acalanes 6:00 PM
10/7/2022 Jesuit Classic American River College
10/8/2022 Jesuit Classic American River College
10/12/2022 Las Lomas (senior night) Acalanes 5:00 PM
10/14/2022 Monte Vista Acalanes 6:00 PM
10/19/2022 Miramonte Miramonte 5:00 PM
10/21/2022 Bellarmine Invitational Bellarmine
10/22/2022 Bellarmine Invitational Bellarmine
10/26/2022 Campolindo Campolindo 5:00 PM
10/28/2022 De La Salle De La Salle 6:00 PM
11/3/2022 NCS Playoffs, first round TBA
11/5/2022 NCS Quarterfinals TBA
11/9/2022 NCS Semifinals TBA
11/12/2022 NCS Championships TBA
11/15/2022 CIF NorCal Quarterfinals TBA
11/17/2022 CIF NorCal Semifinals TBA
11/19/2022 CIF NorCal Championships TBA