Girls Varsity Soccer Falls to Burlingame in CIF Regional Semifinals

Girls Varsity Soccer Falls to Burlingame in CIF Regional Semifinals

All good things must come to an end. The Varsity Girls Soccer team fought valiantly against a very well-coached team from Burlingame High School. The Dons had put their hearts and souls into the win against Branson less than one week ago to win the NCS Championship, and they simply ran out of gas. Battling injuries and illnesses, the Dons just couldn’t find a way to get on the scoreboard. Passes that were usually connected, weren’t. Shots that usually went in, were blocked. They lost 1-0. Every player was giving it their all, but they were spent. The sign of a true team is when each player is playing as hard as they can for their teammates…that was evident yesterday, but they fell short.

The Dons finished their historic season with a record of 18-6-3. They are the first Acalanes Girls Soccer team to win NCS. They made it as far as the CIF Regional Semifinals. Quite an accomplishment.

Wishing all of the seniors the best of luck in their next endeavors. The 15 seniors on this team are: Taylor Boren, Maile Broad, Kate Carter, Beth Daughters, Dylan Hagglund, Georgia Karas, Natasha Malinovsky, Ellie Meyer, Gabby Ortale, Eliza Parry, Olivia Pelligrini, Jordan Pratt, Elle Skvarna, Ivy Souza, and Keri Wendt. Each and every one of you made this team special.

Thank you to our head coach, Nick Barbarino, for turning this program around. You made this team a true family.

Thank you to all of the fans that showed up to support our Dons. It was a packed house yesterday!

Until next time…


Girls Varsity Soccer Advances to Semi-Finals in CIF Regional Championship

The #5 seeded Girls Varsity Soccer Team traveled to Manteca to take on #4 seed Manteca High School on Tuesday night. Still reeling from their NCS Championship, the girls had to dig deep in order to move past Manteca.

The biggest adjustment that the team needed to make was that they had to play on a small, grass field. It’s a much different game than playing on turf! That being said, the Dons came out very flat in the first half. Not a lot of intensity, poor communication. But this is no ordinary team. It’s truly a family. With several injuries and illnesses going around this team, there is someone else there, ready to step up and help out their fellow teammates and family.

Elle Skvarna had just entered the game in the left-back position with about 20 minutes remaining in the first half. Kate Carter gained possession of the ball from a shot on goal. She rolls the ball to Ivy Souza in the midfield. Ivy turns to find Elle making a run up the left side. Elle takes some space to connect with Emily Keeler with a beautiful pass up the middle. Emily is able to get around two defenders and the goalkeeper to get the ball into the net! An incredible goal due to teamwork and sheer tenacity on Emily’s part. Dons up 1-0 and that is where the score remained at the half.

The second half proved to be better soccer for the Dons. It took them some time to adjust to the grass field. They started connecting passes and were playing tough defense. Midway through the second half, the girls were able to use possession to get another goal. Again, Ivy Souza was able to gain possession in the midfield. She dishes it off to Tatum Zuber on the left side. Tatum cuts back to the center and makes a cross to the right side of the field to find Emily Keeler and Emily bangs it in for her second goal of the game! Dons up 2-0. Manteca had a few chances to score, but the Dons’ defense was able to hold them off. Another gritty performance. And this would be the final score.

Kate Carter had some terrific saves in goal to keep Manteca off the scoreboard. Sami Hansen was a brick wall in the center, especially in the second half. Freshman Emmi Cronin came in with fresh legs up top to give our forwards a rest and she played tremendously well. Olivia Parnell did an excellent job at the left-back position to fill in for an ill Dylan Hagglund. Natasha Malinovsky also played well in the midfield, connecting passes and tough on defense. Emily Keeler was the true star of this game–2 goals and she played with high intensity. #donsstepup!

Next up for the Dons will be a home game on Thursday for the Semi-Finals. The #8 seed Burlingame defeated the #1 seed Mountain View, so the Dons will face Burlingame at home at 4pm. Come cheer on our Dons! #donsshowup #donsfamily


Varsity Girls Soccer Are NCS CHAMPIONS!

The Varsity Girls Soccer team upset the #1 seed, Branson of Ross, on Saturday night in the NCS Finals in dramatic fashion. For the first time in Acalanes history, they are NCS Champions!

Branson got the ball first on the kick-off. From the onset, you could tell they were a very skilled team. Well coached, athletic, fast. By far the best team the Dons have faced all season.

At around the 25-minute mark in the first half, Ivy Souza was able to break free and found Addie Bailey in the center at the top of the goal box. A foul was committed on Addie by a Branson defender. Guess who takes the direct kick? That’s right, Tatum Zuber. Bangs it in for a goal!!! Dons take the lead at 1-0. Branson had several shots on goal, Kate Carter had some terrific saves, and our defensive line was gritty. Score at the half was 1-0.

More of the same in the second half. Branson had more shots on goal, the Dons were only able to get a couple of shots off. They had possession most of the time, but somehow the Dons were able to keep them contained. The Dons just wanted to hold onto their 1-0 lead with tenacious defense and running the clock down. But Branson was able to get a goal on a beautiful cross from their winger. The game was tied 1-1 with about 15 minutes remaining, and that would be the score at the end of regulation.

The game would go into two 10 minute, “golden goal” periods. Whichever team scores first is crowned the winner. The Dons came out fired up in the first 10 minute period. They were digging DEEP. They had a few great shots on goal but to no avail. Branson’s goalkeeper was legit.

The same went for the second OT. The Dons seemed to want this more than Branson. You could see it in the girls’ faces and in their hustle on the field. They were relentless. The end of the second OT comes, still 1-1. Now comes the Penalty Kicks…here we go…

Each team picks 5 players to perform a PK. After the first 5, if it’s still tied, the team picks another 5 players to perform a PK. If it’s still tied after that, then it is sudden death and the team can pick any player to perform a PK, even if they have kicked in the first round.

Branson won the toss and opted to kick first. After the first round of 5, it was tied 3-3. After the second round, it was still tied. Back and forth…some great saves by both goalies, some amazing shots and heartbreaking misses from both teams. And to top if off for some added drama, the stadium lights go out during PK’s!!! Jordan Pratt was able to make her sudden death PK, as well as her PK in the earlier round. Aliye Wingate and Tatum Zuber also made both of their PK’s. And with the ‘W’ on the line, as Branson had just missed their PK in sudden death, Olivia Parnell, who also made her previous PK, stepped up and calmly scored to give the Dons their first-ever NCS title! 14 PK’s were taken. Unheard of. Acalanes wins 10-9. It was an incredible game!

This game was truly a team effort. From top to bottom, every player contributed. Aliye Wingate, who was diagnosed with having the flu a couple of days before, had an incredible game. Chloe Quintella played the entire game at right-back as fellow teammate, Jacque Peacock, suffered a concussion during the Petaluma game and was unable to play. Chloe was amazing and was able to contain one of Branson’s best players.

Thank you to all of the families and friends that traveled to San Rafael High School to watch history being made! #donsshowup #donsfamily

Next up for the team is Northern California Regionals. The Dons are the #5 seed will play at Manteca High School against #4 on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6pm.


Girls Varsity Soccer Advances to NCS Finals

Girls Varsity Soccer Advances to NCS Finals

On Wednesday night, the Girls Varsity Soccer team took on Petaluma in the Semifinals of NCS. The last time Acalanes made it to the Semifinals was back in 2014. The Dons were ready and eager to play, as they had learned that their cross-town rival, Miramonte, had fallen 5-0 to the #1 seed Branson earlier that afternoon. However, their focus was on getting past Petaluma.

Solid start for the Dons during the first half. Intense defense and crisp passing gave the Dons a few chances to score, and the defense kept Petaluma at bay. Around the 23 minute mark, Maile Broad had just entered the game. The Dons gained possession on their offensive half of the field. Addie Bailey crosses the ball to the center, Beth Daughters then dishes it to Maile for the goal! Dons up 1-0.

Several minutes later, the Dons come roaring back. Sami Hansen made a stop in the center on defense to gain possession. She passes to Ivy Souza in the midfield. Ivy turns upfield to pass it to Dylan Hagglund, flying up the left side from the backfield. Dylan finds Tatum Zuber on the wing. Tatum makes a beautiful, high cross to Addie Bailey in the center. Addie is able to get the ball around the goalkeeper. BOOM! Goal! An absolutely incredible sequence of teamwork. Dons up 2-0.

With about 5 minutes remaining in the first half, a foul was committed on Petaluma at around the 50-yard line. Aliye Wingate is set to take the free-kick. The Dons are lined up by the left side of the goal. And what does she do? Makes a stellar high kick where Tatum Zuber is, in perfect position, to bang the ball into the back of the net to give the Dons a comfortable 3-0 lead to go into the half.

The Dons came out fired up in the second half. They were tasting victory with a 3-0 lead. Play defense and they got this. They had several shots on goal and were connecting their passes. The defensive backline was gritty and tough. But Petaluma wasn’t giving up that easily. With about 15 minutes remaining in the game, they were able to score on a corner kick to make it 3-1. The feel of the game changed immediately. A two-goal lead isn’t as comfortable as a three-goal lead. Petaluma kept pressing, but the Dons would not relent. Game over! Dons WIN!

The Varsity Girls Soccer team, for the first time in Acalanes history, advances to the NCS Finals! History was made Wednesday night! They will face the #1 seed Branson of Ross at a neutral location, San Rafael High School at 7pm on Saturday night. This team is so special. They are gelling at the right time and are playing exceptionally well together. They can do this!

We would like to acknowledge our Varsity Boys soccer team on an outstanding season. To watch you all play is awe-inspiring!

Again, thank you to all that came out to support the girls last night. It truly means so much! #donsshowup #donsfamily


Zuber Does it Again for Varsity Girls Soccer

On what seemed like the coldest and windiest night of the season, the Girls Varsity Soccer team faced #7 seed, Terra Linda of San Rafael, in Round 2 of NCS on Saturday night. Terra Linda plays in a highly competitive league, so the Dons knew that this game was going to be a battle, regardless of their seeding.

A foul was committed by Terra Linda within the first 10 minutes on our offensive side of the field. The ball was placed on our 30-yard line. Who takes the free-kick? Yep, Tatum Zuber. What does she do? Yep, she scores! From 30 yards out! Another highlight-reel goal. Dons up 1-0, and that is where the score stayed for the remainder of the first half.

During the second half, the wind was in our favor. Both teams were playing with high intensity. Several shots on goal, corner kicks…very stressful. Until T Zubs struck again. With about 7 minutes remaining in the game, Tatum somehow gets herself free and blasts another shot into the left corner of the goal. The Terra Linda goalkeeper seemed to just stand in awe as the ball blitzed by her. Dons up 2-0 and that was the final score.

This game was truly a team effort. The backline defenders (Dylan Hagglund, Aliye Wingate, Sami Hansen, Chloe Quintella and Jacque Peacock) were insane, per usual. Junior Sami Hansen was especially stellar with tremendous defense and stopping any real threat that came her way.

Keeper Kate Carter had a few great saves in the beginning of the first half to keep Terra Linda off the scoreboard and she was able to distribute the ball well when she got possession.

The midfielders were also tough. Gabby Ortale, Beth Daughters, Natasha Malinovsky and Ivy Souza held their own by distributing the ball, keeping possession with sharp passing and pressuring on defense. Natasha Malinovsky and Gabby Ortale played especially well in the midfield.

The front line, Tatum Zuber, Addie Bailey, Maile Broad, Emily Keeler, and Eliza Parry all played well and had several shots on goal. Maile Broad and Emily Keeler were extremely aggressive and played hard in the win.

Next up for the Dons is NCS Round 3! They are in the semi-finals on Wednesday at 7pm at Acalanes and will face #6 seed Petaluma. It should be another very competitive game. Thank you to all of the fans that showed up to support the girls on such a cold night! It is truly appreciated and means so much. #donsshowup


Girls Varsity Soccer Advances to Round 2 of NCS

On Wednesday night, the Varsity Girls Soccer team edged out Analy of Sebastapol by a score of 1-0. But don’t let the score fool you. It was the least stressful but most stressful game ever!

The Dons came out in the first half dominating possession, defense, and shots on goal. They were playing on their offensive half of the field for a majority of the half. Several shots on goal, excellent passing.

Within the first 15 minutes of the first half, Freshman Chloe Quintella, playing right-back, made an incredible pass to fellow Freshman Addie Bailey and Addie was able to pound the ball in the back of the net to get the Dons on the scoreboard to lead 1-0.

After the goal, everyone in the stands relaxed as we knew our Dons were better and more skilled than Analy. Everyone felt as this was going to be a blowout.

However, that is just not how soccer games go. Anything can happen on any given day. And Analy…they don’t give up many goals, but they don’t score many, either.

The Dons COMPLETELY DOMINATED the entire game. Analy didn’t have a single shot on goal. Not one. The Dons had too many to count. Analy’s goalkeeper made some solid saves and was able to keep the game close.

The Dons played extremely well, sharp passing and excellent ball movement. Junior Aliye Wingate was her usual tough self in the backline. Senior Ivy Souza also played very well, distributing the ball by connecting her passes and tough defense in the midfield. Freshman Tatum Zuber was spectacular, with several amazing shots on goal and unreal ball control.

Next up for the Dons will be Round 2 of NCS. The girls will play at Acalanes on Saturday, Feb. 22nd at 7pm against #7 seed, Terra Linda.


Girls Varsity Soccer Seeded #2 in NCS

The Girls Varsity Soccer team is the #2 seed for Division 3 in NCS. They will face off against historically tough Analy of Sebastapol on Wednesday at 7pm at Acalanes. Come on out to support your Dons! #DonsShowUp

A friendly reminder that due to NCS rules, there will be a gate fee for admittance to each game. Thank you for your understanding and support for Girls Soccer.


Varsity Girls Soccer Loses a Tough one on Senior Night

Varsity Girls Soccer Loses a Tough one on Senior Night

The Varsity Girls soccer team faced off against a very strong league opponent, Clayton Valley Charter, on their Senior Night on Wednesday. It was a night of pomp and circumstance as the Dons celebrated 15 amazing seniors. Here is the list of celebrated seniors: Taylor Boren, Maile Broad, Kate Carter, Beth Daughters, Dylan Hagglund, Georgia Karas, Natasha Malinovsky, Ellie Meyer, Gabby Ortale, Eliza Parry, Olivia Pelligrini, Jordan Pratt, Elle Skvarna, Ivy Souza, and Keri Wendt.

The first half started with the Dons kicking off. Georgia Karas, a 4-year Varsity letterman, has been injured all season due to a knee injury she sustained last year. She was able to be in the starting lineup, receive the kickoff pass, only to kick it out of bounds in order to be able to touch the ball one last time on the Acalanes field. Truly a memorable moment for her as this was her final game as a Don. We love you, Georgia!

The Dons played tough all game, and it was great to see all of our seniors on the field throughout the game. Even though they lost 1-0, they all played extremely well and hung in there with a very talented and very physical Clayton Valley Charter.

Next up for the Dons is NCS! Will know their seeding on Sunday night so stay tuned.

Congratulations to all of our wonderful Seniors. As always, GO DONS!

Historic JV Girls Soccer Season Closes with a ‘W’

The JV Girls Soccer team sent the Ugly Eagles flying home defeated Wednesday evening- completing their undefeated season!    Their record ended at 16-0-3.  They tallied 69 amazing goals for and only 6 against.    Number 69 came from Brooke Palma with minutes to play after a back and forth defensive battle accented by amazing Kylie Quinn saves in goal.    With four minutes remaining, Cameron Salazar one-touched a loose ball to Sophi MacKay on the left wing who one-touched a gorgeous cross to the top of the box to a speeding Brooke who beat her defender and sent the ball to the near corner of the net.

There has not been an undefeated season at any level in Acalanes Girls Soccer recorded history-  great job Dons!!

Good luck to our Varsity Dons in the NCS and congrats to our seniors tonight!

Late Game Heroics From Zuber Gives Girls Varsity Soccer a Tie Against Rival Campo

The Varsity Girls soccer team faced off against Campolindo on Monday night. The Dons were hoping to set the record straight with Campo as they were defeated by them at their last match.

The first half was very intense. The Dons completely outplayed the Cougars, with sharp passing, tough defense, and several great opportunities to score. However, the half ended at 0-0.

The Cougars came out with higher intensity in the second half, taking the Dons out of their rhythm. The Cougars got one past our defense on a direct kick and took the lead with about 30 minutes remaining.

The Dons starting pressing their opponent, with some fantastic shots on goal, but still nothing to show for it. With about 15 minutes remaining in the game, Junior Aliye Wingate took some space from the backfield and made a terrific pass to Freshman Tatum Zuber, who got herself free to take a shot about 25 yards out and put it in the net to tie it up 1-1!

However, the celebration was short-lived. Campo came roaring back quickly to regain the lead at 2-1. With time running out, Campo kept kicking the ball out of bounds. But the Dons would not relent. Literally two minutes remained. The Dons were awarded a free kick about 30 yards out. Who gets the call to take the shot? That’s right. Tatum Zuber. Another unbelievable shot from Tatum on the direct kick to tie it up! The Acalanes crowd went nuts. Time runs out and the game ends in a tie 2-2.

Goalkeeper Kate Carter had several outstanding saves on goal. Defender Dylan Hagglund was fierce on defense. Midfielder Ellie Meyer was tenacious, as was outside forward Emily Keeler. Forward Addie Bailey also played extremely well.

Next up for the Dons will be their Senior Night at home on Wednesday. Festivities begin at 6:30pm to celebrate 15 amazing seniors. The team will face off against league opponent, Clayton Valley Charter in what is sure to be a battle. Come on out to support our 15 incredible seniors!