2018-19 Acalanes Boosters Board

The Acalanes Boosters Board is made up of parents of current students and Acalanes High School Administration.

Co-Presidents Paul Wickline and Jim Burleigh President@acalanesboosters.com
Vice Presidents Katie Kresnak and Dan Meade VicePresident@acalanesboosters.com
Secretary Alicia Rowell Secretary@acalanesboosters.com
Treasurer Carrie Hansen Treasurer@acalanesboosters.com
Assistant Treasurer Julie Bishop AssistantTreasurer@acalanesboosters.com
Raffle Rachel Zeiph Raffle@acalanesboosters.com
Membership Tina Frechman Membership@acalanesboosters.com
Webmaster Open Webmaster@acalanesboosters.com
Booster Bash Wendy Finegold BASH@acalanesboosters.com
Merchandise Paula Carter and Jen Glass Merchandise@acalanesboosters.com
Athletic Clearance (BACME) Amy Price BACME@acalanesboosters.com
Press Relations/Communication Bob Sverak Press@acalanesboosters.com
Banners/Sponsorships Matt Broback Sponsor@acalanesboosters.com
Principal Travis Bell principal@acalanesboosters.com
Associate Principal Andrea Powers associateprincipal@acalanesboosters.com
Athletic Director Randy Takahashi AD@acalanesboosters.com
Trainer Chris Clark Trainer@acalanesboosters.com
Football Steve Seiler and Brian Miles FootballRep@acalanesboosters.com
Boys Water Polo Breese Berkowitz and Kristi Darin WaterPoloBoysRep@acalanesboosters.com
Girls Water Polo Alicia Rowell WaterPoloGirlsRep@acalanesboosters.com
Cross Country Adam Hamalian CrossCountryRep@acalanesboosters.com
Girls Volleyball Theresa Needs VolleyballGirlsRep@acalanesboosters.com
Girls Tennis Julia Bates TennisGirlsRep@acalanesboosters.com
Girls Golf Jill Milnes GolfGirlsRep@acalanesboosters.com
Sideline Cheer Tanya Parmelee CheerRep@acalanesboosters.com
Unified Sports Steve Christensen UnifiedSports@acalanesboosters.com
Boys Basketball Anna Eppinger BasketballBoysRep@acalanesboosters.com
Girls Basketball Jim Gebhardt BasketballGirlsRep@acalanesboosters.com
Boys Soccer Jill Adri SoccerBoysRep@acalanesboosters.com
Girls Soccer Natalie Souza SoccerGirlsRep@acalanesboosters.com
Sideline Cheer Tanya Parmelee CheerRep@acalanesboosters.com
Wrestling Julianna Haase WrestlingRep@acalanesboosters.com
Unified Sports Steve Christensen UnifiedSports@acalanesboosters.com
Baseball Julie Hurd BaseballRep@acalanesboosters.com
Competitive Sport Cheer Tanya Parmelee CheerRep@acalanesboosters.com
Softball Nicole Salmon SoftballRep@acalanesboosters.com
Track & Field Tasha McNamara TrackRep@acalanesboosters.com
Swimming and Diving Open SwimDiveRep@acalanesboosters.com
Boys Volleyball John Franke VolleyballBoysRep@acalanesboosters.com
Boys Tennis Natasha Acuna TennisBoysRep@acalanesboosters.com
Boys Golf Charlene Condy GolfBoysRep@acalanesboosters.com
Boys Lacrosse Pat Ketcham LacrosseBoysRep@acalanesboosters.com
Girls Lacrosse Steve Seiler LacrosseGirlsRep@acalanesboosters.com
Unified Sports Steve Christensen UnifiedSports@acalanesboosters.com

Acalanes Booster Club Meeting Schedule for 2018-19

The Boosters Board meets at 7:00 PM in the Acalanes High School Library on the following dates:

  • Monday, August 27
  • Monday, September 10
  • Monday, October 1
  • Monday, November 5
  • Monday, December 3
  • Monday, January 14
  • Monday, February 4
  • Monday, March 4
  • Monday, April 15 [UPDATED]
  • Monday, May 6
  • Monday, June 3

Get Involved:

Become an Acalanes Booster Team Representative

Partner with your Booster Team Rep as your team’s Booster Bash Representative

Join an Acalanes Boosters Committee

  • Raffle
  • Membership
  • Webmaster
  • Boosters Bash
  • Merchandise
  • Athletic Clearance Exams (BACME)
  • Press Relations/Communications

For more information please contact a Boosters Board member here