Varsity Soccer Player Sells Oranges to Raise Money for Boosters

For many Lamorinda businesses in 2020, the Covid-19 restrictions inhibited staff from coming into workplaces of all sorts. A local Acalanes Alum owned Orange Farm relies on their harvesting team to pick and distribute their tasty Oranges but with these Covid regulations in place, it looked like they were going to have to forgo Orange picking season in 2020. Jacob Hill, a Varsity Men’s Soccer Player at Acalanes High School, learned about the farms predicament and decided to step in and help save the Orange harvesting season.

Jacob went to the Orange farm on his own and hand-picked all the Oranges. He then brought them back to his house, packaged them and then delivered them to the farm’s hungry customers! Single handedly, Jacob was able to keep Orange picking season alive and raise money for the Boosters Organization.

Thank you Jacob for being another Amazing Don in our community.