Dons Runners Keep Getting Faster

Cross Country Completes Camp #2 with Time Trials at Newhall Park

Cross Country (5K & 2 miles) time trial update:

Props to all of our cross country runners showing up on last Saturday (Nov 14) at Newhall Park.  Congrats to David Barron for remaining Group 2 Champ; shout out to huge PRs: Ethan Chow, Logan Farzan, Lucas Chow, Jack Dunne, Ben Kokel, Nick Mitroff and Corina McTigue; hip-hip hurray to our first time PRs for Michael Weiss, Livia Davis, Chloe Boyle, Andrew Wartenberg.  Kudos for big improvement over Newhall Park 1: Dominic Basaldua, Loic Durand, Josh Evans, Ian Ho, Nicole Frigon and Lena Johnson.  Great job to all of our athletes. What a great season!  Rest up and see you all back out there in December!