Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap into bases at a single bound…Frosh Dons WIN, 5-4

There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time…

The Freshman Baseball team traveled to Pleasanton to play Foothill High School on Wednesday evening with parents in the stands cheering on the Falcons and Dons.

Dons took their first ups and could not get on base. The Falcons did find their way to the bases, scoring 3 runs in the first inning.  Miller Smith tried to get the party started for the Dons in second inning with a deep hit to left field and Ellis Burger took a walk to first base, yet the Dons could not bring it home.   The Falcons  put another run up  on the scoreboard to to make it 4 to 0 in the third inning. 

In the fourth inning,  Kyle Bielawski made it to first base as the short stop juggled the ball, followed by Smith with a full count took a walk to first base. Colin Norstad moved the runners around to second and third with a hit to the pitcher.    With two outs, Tyler ‘Worth a Ton’ Worthington hits a bomber to center for a single and score two for the Dons.  

In fifth inning, Andrew Habas is at the plate and sends it to center for a single.  Jospeh Castelli  had a hard hit to the short stop for an out and moves Habas to second base. Bielawski next up hits in long into the left field for a double and scoring Habas. The Dons were now behind by one run, Falcons 4 and Dons 3. 

Heading into the seventh inning, the Falcons strutted out on the field to get three quick outs, collect a win, wash their hands and head home for dinner. Well, that did not happen. There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time…

You are much stronger than you think and what you imagine. – Superman

Nikko Woodson smacks the ball between third base and short stop…Mason Michlitsch hits to the pitcher to move Woodson to second. Habas  back in the batter’s box, hits it the short stop and slide dives  into first base  like Superman (Side note: I wish we had a video clip because it was over the top, amazing…back to the story)…SAFE…and Woodson on third.   Habas took the opportunity to steal second, with the next batter striking out. It is now two outs, Bielawski is back with bat in hand, hits the ball deep to the center…Woodson scores….Habas rounds third with the ball coming in hard for him at home…once again, Habas Superman dives to home plate, dust all around and the umpire calls it …SAFE!  The Dons take the lead 5 to 4.   The Falcons had their last bats with three up and three down. The Dons strutted off  the field, collected their win, washed their hands and headed to In-n-Out for dinner.

Three Dons pitched for the win for Acalanes. Mason Michlitsch led things off on the hill for Dons.  Kyle Bielawski entered the game in the second inning and pitched for four innings with one strikeout and only one run scored.  Miller Smith took over in sixth inning to close the game and gave only one hit to the Falcons.  The Dons didn’t commit a single error in the field.  So cool!

Hit Summary for the Day: Nikko Woodson (2), Mason Michlitsch (2) Andrew Habas (2) Kyle Bielawski (1) Miller Smith (1)  Tyler Worthington (1) 

RBI Summary for the Day:  Kyle Bielawski (3)  Tyler Worthington (2) 

Superman Dives of the Day: Andrew Habas (2)