Aqua Dons Hit the pool for 2020

Aqua Dons 2019
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All for one and one for all

The 2020 swim season is upon us with practice officially commencing February 10. The team is starting the process of getting the rust out of their limbs and building the endurance that will be pulled from at the end of the season at championships. The team has had a large turn out for the season and is looking to improve on a very solid season last year. We look forward to a fun and successful season. Stay tuned for updated photos and results.

2020 Schedule:

Friday 2/21 Time Trials 3:30

Wednesday 3/11 @Las Lomis 3:00

March 20-22 Mission Viejo Trip/Varsity

March 26 Campo 3:30

April 15 Senior Night Miramonte 3:30

April 22 @Northgate 3:00

April 25 JV Invitational 9:00-12:00

April 30 DAL Swim Trials 2:30-6:30

May 2 DAL Finals 1:00-4:00

May 8-9 NCS 9:00-3:00; 9:00-12:00

May 15-16 CIF States 12:00-4:00; 10:00-2:00