It Doesn’t take X-Ray Vision to See the Talent of the Freshman team, 64-18

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s Superman THE DONS!

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound was the Freshman team on Saturday. Thrilling combinations of running, passing and getting to the basket or simply collecting of a defensive rebound, making it to the outlet pass, and getting the Dons out into their lanes and down the court works too. Actually, everything worked on Saturday for the Dons!

The real Superman got stronger and better powers over time. For example, initially he could jump a long ways, but couldn’t fly. The Frosh Dons became stronger and better and more powerful each quarter of the game (And they do fly, watch Jack, Bennett, Justin, Nathan and Dominic on their rebounds).

Piedmont only score 18 for the day against the men of steel. DON-ination! The second half of the game was ruled by Kaleo Feinberg, Dominic Sarica, Nathan Kim, Zubin Acuna and Nathan Bennett.

Nathan Bennett was in beast mode on defense and the high scorer of the game with 15 points out of the 64 points that helped beat Piedmont along with Jack Bayless (11), Dominic Sarica (10), Justin Zegarowski (6), Bennett Dodge (6), and Coco Gannon (5).

Superman’s character wears a blue costume and a red cape, with an S shield on the front. Dons wear a blue uniform, no cape, just basketball shoes with DONS written on the front. Not even kryptonite can stop the Freshman blue and white. Keep it up Dons!

Way to go Dons! Acalanes 64 Piedmont 18

GAMES: Tuesday, Jan 14 at Northgate at 4pm and Friday, Jan 17 at Campolindo at 4pm