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Stanford Invitational Boys 4x100 Relay

Aca T&F - GIRLS  are DAL CHAMPS!!! Also, Senior Recognition, Meet Recap and DAL Trials/Finals

Aca T&F – GIRLS are DAL CHAMPS!!! Also, Senior Recognition, Meet Recap and DAL Trials/Finals

Senior Recognition Celebration. Cole, Lila, Sarah, Portia, Apple, Carly, Dominic, Kyle, Ethan, Theo, Zach, Justin, Jack, Sammy. We are missing: Kenny, Tyler H., Osana, Luca, Tyler W., Sam. You all ...
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Aca T&F - Tri Meet TODAY & Senior Celebration!

Aca T&F – Tri Meet TODAY & Senior Celebration!

Today we host Los Lomas and Miramonte at 3.30p on the Track! Please sign up if you have not and please come out and cheer on our athletes at the ...
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Aca T&F - Tri-Meet w/Los Lomas & Miramonte

Aca T&F – Tri-Meet w/Los Lomas & Miramonte

Aca families, Monday we have our final Meet of the season and our HOME Meet as we host Los Lomas and Miramonte. This is the First DAL Foothill Tri-Meet since ...
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Aca T&F - Girl Dons take down the Cougs.....Boys with a very close 2nd!

Aca T&F – Girl Dons take down the Cougs…..Boys with a very close 2nd!

If you had the chance to be in the stands, or on the track yesterday, it was wonderful to be a part of the thrill of defeat and the agony ...
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Aca T&F - Dons v Cougars TODAY

Aca T&F – Dons v Cougars TODAY

Today at 3.30p, your Acalanes DONS host the Campolindo COUGARS. Come out and support our athletes! Next Monday is our final HOME Meet and final DAL Meet as we host ...
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We need volunteers! You don't need to have any experience, just the time and love for the Team. PLEASE, if you have not signed up yet this year (we know ...
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Track and Field is an inclusive, non-cut sport.  There are no tryouts – there is a spot for you on the team.

For more information contact Coaches Joe Escobar & Bruno Morlan at Acalanes Track & Field
OR visit the Acalanes Track & Field Website


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