Competitive Sport Cheer 2019

Competitive Sport Cheer

Competitive Sport Cheer launched as CIF sport! #ogcsc

Spring 2018 — The Inaugural Dons Team!

Focused athleticism.

Dons showcase powerhouse strength.

Dons tie for second in 2018 DAL.

A great finish to the first season.

The Dons set the hosting precedence.

Host schools quick to adjust to AHS standards.

Boosters + SPORT CHEER

Teaming up for success!

Acalanes Boosters is a major supporter ofthe varsity CSC Program, Including:
  • Home & Away Required DAL / CIF jerseys
  • League & Tournament Fees
  • Required Safety & Competition Tumbling Mats  (shared with Sideline Cheer)
  • Hudl & TeamSnap Technology  (shared with Sideline Cheer)
  • PA & Bluetooth Speakers  (shared with Sideline Cheer)
Plus shared ATHLETICS resources:
  • Athletic Trainer, Chris Clark
  • Small & Large Gymnasium updates (including ScorersTable)
  • Strength & Conditioning Regimens customized for each sports team

Thank you, Boosters!


District: No

Boosters: Yes

Athlete Contribution: Yes

Team Foundation: N/A


Example of player costs for 2018:



Coaches Stipends

Supplemental uniform needs


The Competitive Sport Cheer Team is an actual CIF Varsity team and does NOT have a team foundation. While most of the athletes will have participated in the Fall/Winter Sideline Cheer Squads, the CSC team is a separate entity. CSC is a separately funded team supplementing operational costs with tournament hosting income and direct donations.

Consider becoming a Tournament Sponsor or a Flamingo Flocking!

Acalanes Cheer Program

Each team at Acalanes relies on financial support from a variety of sources. Supporting each of the branches makes the team stronger!

2018 CSC Varsity

00Chloe Parmelee CSCFlyerSo
3Phoebe Wandell CSCFlyerSo
4Emmalyn Laurenson CSCBaseFr
5Megan Hood CSCBack, Base, CaptainJr
7Alex Keppel CSCBase, Tumbler-
9Anika Thompson CSCBack, TumblerSo
11Grace Vaughn CSCBackFr
12Abby Harriman CSCBaseJr
14Rachel Morris CSCBase, Flyer, TumblerSo
15Nicole Prozan CSCFlyerSo
16Monica Wang CSCBase, Tumbler-
17Cierra Taylor CSCBase, Captain, TumblerJr
18Maia Warren CSC-
19Jasmine Woods CSCFlyer, TumblerFr
20Emily Ingram CSCBaseFr
21Alexandra Sheehan CSCBase, Tumbler-
23Jaedyn Boynton CSCBaseSo
24Gracie Sterner CSCFlyerJr
25Mariam Sharaf CSCSubstitute-
27Desiree Blakeney CSCBack, BaseFr
30Deja CooperBaseFr
33Charlie Parker CSCBaseFr
46Josie Griffin CSCBackJr

Order your Boosters Membership for pickup at Dons Day

Can’t wait to see you in the stands!

Cheer Testimonial 01

Cheer Testimonial 01

We made history as the launching CSC team for AHS! With support from Boosters, we acquired full sets of home + away jerseys as well as the required mats to meet CIF/National hosting regulations.


Congratulations to Coach Alexis! She is now a part of CSU Northgate’s Cheer Team!


2019 Team News

Varsity Sport Cheer ends 2019 season with big win over Las Lomas

Varsity Sport Cheer ends 2019 season with big win over Las Lomas

Go big or go home! Despite having half the roster size as their opponents, Girl’s Varsity Competitive Sport Cheer stepped up to the challenge Friday, April 19, 2019. Hosted at Las Lomas, the tournament’s Senior Night included games against College Park and Las Lomas. With only 1 sub for the entire day, most of the team was on the floor…

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Last tournaments of the 2019 season! 4/12 & 4/19

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2019 Acalanes Women's Competitive Sport Cheer Varsity Team | Photo by HomeTeam Sports


2019 Women's Varsity Competitive Sport Cheer

00Chloe Parmelee CSC19Flyer2020
02Kaylie Altbaum CSC19Base, Tumbler, Flyer2022
03Emily Ingram CSC19Base2021
04Emmalyn CSC19Base2021
05Trinity Conway CSC19Base, Tumbler, Flyer2022
06Mia Jaenike CSC19Tumbler, Flyer2022
09Ella Hunt CSC19Base2021
11Grace Vaughn CSC19Back, Flyer2021
14Rachel Morris CSC19Base, Tumbler2020
16Aly Sheehan CSC19Base, Tumbler2020
17Cierra Taylor — Captain — CSC19Captain, Manager2019
22Dahlia Morris CSC19Base, Back2022
23Jaedyn Boynton CSC19Base2020
30Deja Cooper CSC19Base2021
33Zachary Baisas — Spotter — CSC19Spotter, Manager2021
35Sara Coons CSC19Base2021

Coach Varsity
Alexis Caviness

Current Team
Acalanes Sideline Cheer V, CSC Acalanes

Coach Varsity
Jazzlyn Boynton

Current Team
Acalanes Sideline Cheer V, CSC Acalanes


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