In 2022, Acalanes Boosters and the Acalanes Administration, has added thousands of dollars in new and updated equipment to our weight room. In celebration of all the brand new equipment, we are having a Summer Liftathon Competition for all Acalanes Athletes. 

Here’s how the Liftathon works:


  • Registration is open to all returning Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who were on an Acalanes team roster in 2021-22 (no incoming Freshmen allowed).
  • Each athlete pays a $40 registration fee to help support the event and the continuation of the Acalanes Strength and Conditioning Program throughout the year.
  • The $40 fee will register the athlete for one sport (for example Girl’s Water Polo). If they are a multi-sport athlete, they can submit a registration for each sport in which they were rostered (for example Boy’s Cross Country and Boy’s Track). Each registration is $40
  • The $40 fee includes participation in the event, access to the weight room during open gym times, and an Acalanes Liftathon t-shirt.
  • Registration also allows all athletes to use the weight room during the Track Team’s open time, M-Th from 12-1p, and any female athletes to use the gym during the Girl’s Volleyball open times of Tu & Th from 6-7p.


  • Participants will compete in three lifts, Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift.
  • A successful lift will be measured as three complete repetitions (not a one-rep max)
  • The success of the lifts will be determined by the supervising trainers as per the rules outlined at the start of the competition
  • The totals for those three rep maxes will represent the total weight lifted for each participant. For example, a completed three repetitions of 135 Bench, 225 Squat, and 250 Deadlift would total 610 lbs.


  • For each sport, the athlete with the Highest Total Weight will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Qualifying sports include Baseball, Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Basketball, Competitive Cheer, Cross Country (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), Football, Golf (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), Lacrosse (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), Soccer (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), Softball, Swimming (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), Tennis (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), Track (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), Volleyball (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), Water Polo (Boy’s and Girl’s winners), and Wrestling (Boy’s and Girl’s winners).
  • The Boy and Girl Athletes with the Highest Total Weight lifted, will receive a $50 Amazon Gift certificate and have their picture posted in the Weight Room as Total Weight Winner.
  • The Boy and Girl Athletes with the Highest Proportional Weight lifted (as determined by the difference between their body weight and the weight they lifted) will receive a $50 Amazon Gift certificate and have their picture posted in the Weight Room as the Pound for Pound Winners.
  • There will also be a plaque posted for the joint Boy’s and Girl’s teams with the highest average weight lifted. Team composition will depend on registration, but here is an example of how it may be organized:
    • Baseball + Softball
    • Basketball (B/G)
    • Cross Country (B/G) + Track (B/G)
    • Football + Golf (B/G)
    • Lacrosse (B/G)
    • Soccer (B/G)
    • Swimming (B/G) + Competitive Cheer
    • Tennis (B/G) + Wrestling (B/G)
    • Volleyball (B/G)
    • Water Polo (B/G)

1,000 LB and 500 LB CLUBS:

  • In addition to the prizes above, each athlete whose lifted weight total exceeds 1,000 lbs (boys) or 500 lbs (girls) will receive a special edition 1,000 lb or 500 lb Club t-shirt.
  • Since the competition will not involve 1 rep maxes, the 1,000 lb and 500 lb club totals will be derived by multiplying the three rep total by 1.1 to get the equivalent of a 1 rep max. For example, a total three lift, three rep max of 950 lbs (225 bench, 350 squat, 375 deadlift = 950 total) would represent the 1 rep equivalent of 1,045 lbs. Similarly, a three lift total of 95 bench, 185 squat, 205 deadlift = 485 tota) would represent the 1 rep equivalent of 534 lbs.
Please enter your Athlete's Name and Sport in the Additional Information Area at Checkout

$40 Liftathon Registration


$100 Donation

Strength and conditioning is a proven way to prevent injury and increase performance.  Many competing high schools emphasize strength and conditioning programs, and Acalanes Boosters is determined to give our athletes the same opportunity.

Help Boosters create a safer environment for your kids that will keep them on the practice and playing fields all season, not to mention help improve their performance and enjoyment of their sport!