Sideline Cheer hosting pancake breakfast fundraiser this Saturday, 10/26!

Sideline Cheer hosting pancake breakfast fundraiser this Saturday, 10/26!

Acalanes Sideline Cheer All American recipients are being honored at the Disneyworld Spirit Spectacular in November! To help families with travel costs, the recipients have been furiously fundraising. Join them Saturday morning for their Pancake Fun-raiser and let’s help fly the flock to Orlando! #DonsShowUp

When: October 26, 2019,  9am-12pm
Where: Acalanes High School Cafeteria
Tickets: $8 General, $6 Seniors (55+), $6 Kids (10 & Under).
Tickets available at the door and online
Tickets also available at practice, M-Th in the Small Gym 5:30-7:30pm


The 2019 Fall Sideline Cheer Squads (JV & Varsity) have been training from April 2019 Tryouts through current season! A key part of their summer immersion training happened at Universal Cheerleaders Association training camp at UC Santa Cruz. During the camp, squads from all over Northern California were qualified and certified in areas ranging from cheers and rally routines, to skill mechanics and stunts. It’s here where they develop the big skills they use as the foundation for what spectators see during Fall Season. 

While attending UCA camp, Coaches nominate squad members to try out for the All-American honor. During the week, Cheer Athletes are observed for skill readiness and character by Training Staff and Coaches. Towards the end of the week, Coaches then submit who they think should try out for the All-American distinction. 

For the first time ever, the entire group of Acalanes Cheerleaders nominated to try out earned the All-American honor! — 11 Between JV & Varsity! The entire Acalanes Sideline Cheer Program went home with high honors in multiple categories.

2019 UCA All-American Recipients
Varsity: Aly Sheehan, Anika Thompson, Chloe Parmelee-Laporte, Deja Cooper, Grace Vaughn, Jaedyn Boynton, Phoebe Wandell, Zach Baisas
JV: Dalia Morris, Sally Sheehan, Sierra Gates

Additional 2019 UCA Awards
Top Banana — 1st All Team
Spirit Sticks — JV & Varsity
Situational Sideline Cheer — 3rd Varsity, 1st JV
Rally Routine —  1st Varsity, 1st JV
Varsity Jumps — 1st Aly Sheehan
Improvement Awards — Acalanes JV
Leadership Pin-It-Forward — Anika Thompson, Sally Sheehan, Portia Seymour, Jaedyn Boynton, Zach Baisas, Sierra Gates

2019 Acalanes Sideline All Americans: Zach Baisas, Grace Vaughn, Jaedyn Boynton, Ally Sheehan, Anika Thompson, Chloe Parmelee-Laporte, Deja Cooper, Sally Sheehan, Phoebe Wandell, Dalia Morris, Sierra Gates
Senior All Americans share emotional moment. Their last summer training camp together!
Senior Flyer Phoebe Wandell works on tighter form while descending from a throw. Main Base, Anika Thompson along with Bases Deja Cooper & Jaedyn Boynton reach up in preparation to catch her.
Acalanes Sideline Cheer Senior Flyer Chloe Parmelee-Laporte descends from a major stunt during specialized coaching with UCA staff.
Acalanes Sideline Cheer JV Captain Dalia Morris, Main Base, helps guide her stunt team in catching Sophomore Sally Sheehan during training camp.
For their most of their big stunts, Acalanes Sideline Cheer trained with UCA Collegiate Staffer, Hayden Miles. The former football player is a partner stunt Sideline Cheerleader for Utah State.
JV Freshmen cheerleaders get their first cycle of cheer dance training while at UCA immersion camp.
Bases Zach Baisas and Trinity Conway work with Briar Webb on partner stunt mechanics.
JV Captain Dalia Morris leads her squad members Sasha Elle, Skylar Tanaka and Alyssa Fong in supporting Varsity training.
JV squad members Skylar Tanaka & Daphne Wandell follow along in a form & movement demonstration.