AHS Spirit launches Tryouts for NEW Winter Song Pom Dance Team!

It’s time to unleash those mad dance skills spectators see at the rallies and stage performances and show the stands we’ve got! AHS Spirit is launching its NEW Winter Dance Song Pom Team starting 2019-20 Winter season!


Register for Tryouts

For Registration and Tryout Packet, go to https://acalanescheer.com/dance-song-pom-1
A Parent/Guardian accompany Dancer at DAY 1 Check-In to review Tryout Waivers & Agreements with Coaching Staff.


What is the Dance Song Pom Team?

Dance Song Pom will be supporting both Girls & Boys basketball teams from the stands and busting out moves during pre-game, timeouts and halftime entertainment. And if the skillz are that killer, a competition squad may be formed!


The primary purpose of the Dance Song Pom Team is to give AHS Students skilled in Dance, the opportunity to support their fellow classmates through Dance Performance. Like Fall Sideline Cheer, the Team will also represent at AHS rallies & events and make community appearances.


The Team’s dance style will focus on hip hop & jazz and include jumps, kicks, aerial tumbling and basic or non-release stunts/lifts as per NFHS rules.


Why the change from Sideline Cheer?

The original Cheer Calendar was extremely long. Previously, Sideline Cheer ran continuously from April Tryouts of the prior school year, through Summer training certifications and team training, continued across the entire winter sports season — nearly a full school year! Yes, that included the 8th graders that made the team.


Then there’s space. Most high school basketball gyms in the Bay Area do not have room for full Sideline Cheer teams. The brief game half-time also prevents timely setup and removal of the safety mats required for stunting.


Now, Sideline Cheer is the Fall Team and Dance Song Pom is the Winter Team. The change in format allows a Cheer Athlete to take a break or even participate in other sports. It also reflects the types of teams at the regional, national, collegiate, professional and international levels.