Mondays sports

Saturday the cross country team competed in the DAL Championships.
Varsity boys placed 4th overall.  Riley Noon placed 10th, Sam Roth 11th, Josh Starr 13th and Nick Hutson 19th.
Varsity girls placed 7th overall.  Nicole Frigon placed 7th and Lauren Yee 14th.
JV boys placed 4th overall.  Kevin Mlynek placed 9th and Rayce Walton 12th.
JV girls placed 6th overall.  Sidney Zimmerman placed 10th.
Frosh-soph boys placed 3rd overall.  Loic Windfuhr-Durand placed 3rd, Derek Kotarba 5th, Jakob Hill 14th and Josh Evans 20th.
Frosh-soph girls placed 5th overall.  Gabby Sandberg placed 9th.