Oct 16 – Varsity Volleyball versus Las Lomas

Your Acalanes Dons traveled the long road to Walnut Creek to face the Las Lomas Lady Knights.

Game 1

Even with the Giants playing, Acalanes travels well (yes, we were checking the score).

0-0 Parker Jones starts the Dons off with a back row kill off of two blockers for the kill.

1-2 Jones again, this time with the roll shot kill.

1-3 Maddie Graham and Mimi White team up for a block that rolls down the net and falls harmlessly for a point.

1-4 Jones and White (this time the other side of the court) get the stuff block.

2-5 Grace Bolen sets Graham who smashes a kill to the back corner off the block.

2-6 Bolen knows a good thing and sets Graham again who hits the ball to the corner for the kill.

6-9 Graham with the outside kill off the block that falls harmlessly outside the lines.

8-11 Molly Dalziel receives the serve and passes to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the kill on the line.

12-12 Dalziel with the kill to the back corner.

12-13 Bolen sets Dalziel a little inside the block and the kill falls to middle of the court.

12-15 Grace ace in your face!

13-16 Dalziel coming from the opposite side gets a kill down the line.

13-17 Graham hangs in the air and hits off speed and fools the Lady Knights who are falling back to earth. The kill rolls harmlessly between the blockers and the net.

13-18 Dalziel hits the screaming ace

13-19 Dalziel follows up with the soft ace that falls in front of the back row.

13-20 Jones and the headband (I get royalties if the Volleyball team ever creates a band with that name) soars above the block and gets the cross court kill.

14-21 Bolen with the perfect inside set to Graham who slides inside the block and crushes the kill.

16-23 Dalziel goes Roberta Flack and from the back row is killing them softly with her hits, killing them softly…

25-16 Dons

Game 2

1-1 Graham – kill off the block

3-3 Dalziel with the back row smash and kill.

4-4 Bolen with a sweet “1” to Molly Armstrong and a sweet kill.

7-6 Graham‘s sweet ace that deflects off 2 Lady Knights.

7-8 Bolen sets Dalziel on the pin and hit falls on the line 12 feet off the net for the kill.

8-8 Dalziel‘s kill hits off of two defenders, hangs in the air and falls harmlessly for the kill.

14-12 Calista Lam (been playing great defense all night) hits the hard ace to the middle back.

16-15 Bolen “1” to Armstrong – kill.

16-16 Armstrong goes up strong for the kill.

16-17 Dalziel from far outside gets a kill off the block to the middle.

18-19 Dalziel‘s hit explodes off of a defenders chest pushing her backwards for the kill.

19-22 Dalziel soars high over the block for the kill.

25-19 Dons

Game 3

5-7 Lam has been firing 4 straight missile serves that have kept the Lady Knights off balance and then she cranks it up a little more and with the hard top spin she gets the ace.

5-8 Lam, in a groove, same serve, same spot and same result.

6-9 Reilly Webster channeling Johnny Cash gets a kill that walks the line.

8-10 Graham leaps from about 30 feet behind the net, hangs in the air for about 3 minutes and smashes the kill off the block.


8-11  Dalziel does what she does with over passes and get the crushing kill.

8-12 Bolen to Dalziel for the kill to the middle.

8-13 Bolen again to Dalziel for the kill to the middle.

8-14 Bolen, goes with the hot hand, sets Dalziel for the kill to the back row.

9-16 Dalziel – kill between two blockers.

11-19 Maddie Kalil sets Webster who gets the line kill.

13-20 Kalil with the “1” to White for the kill off the block.

13-22 Dalziel and a back row kill.

13-24 Devon Grobeck and the ace. It takes the Giants four games to win, but the Dons only need three.

13-25 Dons

Dalziel – 17 kills, 6 digs and 2 aces

Graham – 7 kills, 4 digs and 1 ace

Lam – 9 digs and 3 aces

Bolen – 25 assists and 1 ace

Kalil – 3 assists