Oct 23 – Varsity Volleyball versus Dublin Gaels

Your Acalanes Dons should have traveled to Vegas, cause they were Dublin down.

0-1 Molly Armstrong starts the Dons off with a devastating kill that falls untouched.

2-3 Reilly Webster fires a Grace Bolen set cross court for the kill.

5-4 Mimi White and Grace Bolen team up and get the block.

8-5 M&M roofing company (Armstrong and Molly Dalziel) show up for work.

9-5 Hannah Roberts with a sweet ace.

10-7 Armstrong kill to the middle of the court.

11-7 Armstrong – huge solo stuff block.

14-8 After being blocked a few times, Dalziel changes it up with the roll shot kill.

15-10 Parker Jones starts her approach 4 feet outside the court and takes Bolen’s set and the ball explodes off her hand for the kill.

16-10 Dalziel – back row kill.

17-10 White gets a sweet “1” from Bolen and does what good middles do – kill.

18-12 Jones kill off the block spins harmlessly to the floor.

19-12 Webster smokes a cross court kill.

20-12 White hangs in the air for about 20 seconds and after gravity has affected the Gael blockers she hits the ball for the kill.

21-14 Maddie Kalil pushes a “1” to White for the kill.

22-15 Dalziel – kill back corner.

23-15 Roberts with another devastating ace.

24-15 Roberts is “the closer” and again serves a devastating ace.

25-15 Dons

Game #2

0-0 Jones big kill to the open court.

1-1 Dalziel – tool kill.

2-1 Dalziel with the back row kill.

4-1 Bolen with the sweet set on the net to Jones for the kill.

5-1 Dalziel gets a back row kill to the open back line.

8-3 Jones brings a high arm swing and crushes the ball to the open back row.

9-5 Jones – tool kill.

Julia Gay gets a great pass off a hard hit to keep the point alive.

10-6 Webster and a kill off of the perfect Bolen set.

11-6 Dalziel‘s kill falls on the 10 foot line untouched.

12-7 Gay with the “5” pass to Bolen to Dalziel for the kill off the block.

14-9 Bolen back sets Dalziel for the unblocked scorching kill.

15-9 Dalziel – Ace.

16-10 Jones hard hit falls harmlessly off the block.

17-11 Repeat above.

18-13 Gay to Bolen to White = kill.

19-14 Dalziel kill to the 10 foot line for the kill.

21-16 Armstrong gets a yummy.

22-16 Dalziel tips the ball past two defenders for the open floor kill.

23-19 Meghan Trainor thinks it’s “all about that bass” but Jones thinks it’s “all about that touch, ’bout that touch” – perfect touch on the ball over the blockers.

24-20 White unleashes the anger for the kill.

25-20 Dons

Game #3

0-0 Jones starts the third game off with a crushing tool kill.

1-0 Armstrong‘s smok’n kill shot.

4-0 Dalziel gets a kill off the block.

Bolen started the game off with a great 6 point serving run.

6-2 Dalziel with a kill 6 feet off the net.

The Dons go on a field trip to Fairfield and visit the Jelly Belly factory for the next two points:

7-2 Armstrong – yummy

8-2 Webster – yummy

9-3 “el Fuego” Jones big kill.

10-3 Jones and White = block.

12-4 Webster returns to Fairfield – yummy.

13-4 Gay with a screaming fastball ace.

14-7 White with a kill of off Bolen‘s sweet “1”.

15-7 Bolen sets the ball high and on the net. Dalziel swoops in and smacks the kill straight down.

16-8 Dalziel with a kill off of Bolen‘s quick set.

17-8 Dalziel stuff block.

18-8 Armstrong and Bolen perfectly time their block.

19-8 Dalziel gets a facial kill.

21-8 Sweet arm swing for Armstrong and the kill.

23-9 Magician Dalziel pulls the push shot out of her bag of tricks for the open floor kill.

25-11 Dons

Bolen – 39 assists and 2 (yes 2) blocks

Dalziel – 16 kills, 3 digs and 2 blocks

Jones – 11 kills

Armstrong – 6 kills and 3 blocks

White – 6 kills and 2 blocks

Webster – 5 kills

Lam – 5 digs

Kalil – 4 assists