Oct 14 – Varsity Girls Volleyball versus Campolindo

Your Dons made the arduous trek to Moraga to face the Campolindo Cougars.

Game 1

0-1 Grace Bolen backsets to Maddie Graham for the kill.

1-4 Molly Dalziel receives the serve, passes to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the cross court kill to the 10′ line.

2-7 Dalziel with the kill down the line.

3-7 Dalziel takes a little off her hit and rolls it to the middle for the kill.

5-7 Dalziel and White put a ferocious double block.

8-14 Graham smokes a hard angle kill past the double block.

9-14 Deja Vu from 8-14 score.

11-15 J&W (Parker Jones and Reilly Webster) roofing company

14-16 Jones crushes the ball for the kill.

17-20 Dalziel gets a back row kill.

18-22 Graham takes a Bolen set and smashes the ball off the double block where it harmlessly falls out of bounds.

19-24 Graham kill.

20-24 Grace ace in your face.

21-25 Campo

Game 2

0-1 The ball explodes off of Graham‘s hand for the kill down the line.

2-3 Jones with a roll shot kill to the back line.

4-4 Dalziel top spins the ball off two defenders for the kill.

7-7 Graham gets a kill to the back corner.

12-12 Graham floats a high arcing ace to the back corner.

14-20 Jones smokes a kill between two blockers.

15-23 Dalziel gets a kill off of the block.

16-23 Dalziel ace.

18-24 Hannah Roberts takes an out of sequence pass 4 feet off the net and crushes a ball off the block for the kill.

19-25 Campo

Game 3

0-2 Jones destroys the ball and it blasts off of a Cougar chest for the kill.

1-2 Dalziel ricochets the ball off the double block out of bounds for the kill.

2-3 Molly Armstrong – kill to the open middle.

3-6 Jones – ricochet kill off the block.

6-10 Graham with the mighty cross court kill.

8-14 Dalziel – roll shot kill to the middle.

9-15 Dalziel gets a kill by bouncing the ball off two defenders.

10-16 Dalziel crushes the ball between two defenders for the kill.

13-25 Campo

Dalziel – 10 kills

Graham – 7 kills

Jones – 5 kills