Nov 19 – Varsity Volleyball versus Campolindo – NCS Semi-Finals

Your Acalanes Dons traveled the long and winding road to Moraga to face the Campolindo Lady Cougars. The Dons traveled well.


Game #1

Grace Bolen
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1-2 Hannah Roberts fires off a sharp serve that ends with a Dons point.

2-2 Grace Bolen sets outside to Molly Dalziel who fires a lines shot for the kill.

4-4 Campo gets a tricky ball over and Molly Armstrong comes up with a great pass to Bolen and Dalziel gets a kill off the block.

6-6  A ball high above the net with 6’3″ Campo middle versus 5’9″ Dalziel for the joust and…Dons point.

7-7 The crowd is rock’n and Bolen pushes a quick set to Jones who crushes a kill off the block.

8-7 Long rally with great passing and Jones leaps above the block and tips the ball just outside the reach of the defenders.

9-9 Bolen backsets Jones for the opposite kill down the line.

10-11 Mimi White hits a spinner off the “1” for the kill.

12-12 Roll, Roll, Roll your shot, Dalziel for the kill. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, the Dons get a point.

13-15 Too much going on the try and explain other than “what a rally!”. Huge saves both teams have almost everyone on the floor at some point. A long hard fought battle that ends with a Dons point.

15-16 Dalziel crushes the ball off the block and into the antenna.

17-17 Roberts smokes a sweet Bolen back row set for the kill.

Roberts‘s serving is keeping Campo off balance.

18-18 Copperfield, Houdini and Jones; all great magicians. Jones pulls a bump pass kill out of her bag of tricks.

19-20 The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire; White and Jones roofing company!

21-21 Dalziel crushes a kill off the block.

22-25 Campo


Game #2

1-1 Roberts with a laser serve for the ace.

2-3 Dalziel crushes a kill to the back row.

3-9 Dalziel annihilates a kill to the open middle.

5-12 Dalziel serves up the hard knuckle ace.

6-13 Webster; Red solo block, you try a hit, we get a point….

9-13 Carly Porep channels the Beatles and serves “a long line rolling ace, for a Dons point”

10-13 Old school Mercedes; White with a one handed wiper kill.

12-15 Dory Grobeck sets a perfect “1” to White for the kill.

13-17 Grobeck quick sets Jones for the cross court crush kill.

16-25 Campo

Molly Dalziel
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Game #3

0-1 Bolen backsets Jones and…a kill off the block.

1-3 Dalziel approaches from far outside the court and crushes a kill off the block that lands out of bounds.

3-6 A pass is coming fast towards the net and Bolen punches the ball over the net for the fist of fury kill shot.

5-9 You spin me right round baby like a record; Jones with a ball spinning kill.

8-13 Dalziel – Darth Vader kill – “Luke Net Walker, I am your father”

9-15 Bolen sets Dalziel inside. No one is blocking = kill.

10-16 Worked once, why not try it a gain, inside set and Dalziel kill to the back row.

Righteous Brothers = Parker Jones; “You should never close your eyes anymore when you have a big lead”. yes, you know what she is going to do; “bring it on back”.

11-19 Jones roll shot kill.

14-22 Bolen backsets Jones for the Smoke’n kill.

15-22 Jones gets a back row kill.

16-22 Jones off speed ace to the back row goes untouched.

17-22 Jones with a hard knuckle ace to the middle that ricochets harmlessly out of bounds.

18-22 Get this girl to Vegas. Three aces in a row?? – repeat above.

19-22 Bolen to Lam for the back bump pass to Dalziel for the corner kill.

20-25 Campo

The Dons comeback does not happen (insert sad emoji face). Great play, great serving, great passing and a GREAT YEAR. Just my guess, but next year could be even better…On three – “One, Two, Three…Go Dons!”

Bolen – 19 assists and 2 digs

Dalziel – 14 kills and 4 digs

Jones – 11 kills and 4 aces


Parker Jones
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