Nov 6 – Varsity Volleyball versus Campolindo Cougars

Your Acalanes Lady Dons in their second to last home league match of the season squared off against the Lady Cougars.

Coach Todd remarked, “I have not seen that kind of energy in our gym since I’ve been here, it was pretty special. I told the girls, the scores were no indicator of how well and how hard we played. Campo made some spectacular plays, but so did we.”

Last league games tonight.  Come on out and support your Dons on Friday November 7th for Senior night, celebrating Molly Armstrong, Molly Dalziel and Dory Grobeck.  We love our Seniors!


Game #1

0-0 Molly Dalziel gets the Dons started by taking the inside Grace Bolen set and rolls shots the kill to the line.

1-0 Dalziel gets a kill to the corner.

The Dons have not found their rhythm (perhaps this is what Gloria Estefan was singing about; “the rhythm is gonna get you”), but the capacity crowd is keeping the energy up.

2-8 Dalziel hits a kill on the line that explodes off a defenders chest for the kill.

3-8 Julia Gay fires off an ace to the middle of the court.

4-9 Dalziel crushes the ball to the far corner for the kill.

7-10 Bolen sets Dalziel as she flies out of the back row for the kill.

9-10 Carley Porep drops an incredible serve that lands 3 feet off the net and 3 inches off the line for the ace.

10-11 Bolen continues to feed the hot hand and sets Dalziel in the back row for a kill that deflects off a cougar.

11-11 Dalziel with another back row kill this time a roll shot to the back line.

12-11 Bolen to Dalziel out of the back row for a smok’n kill that lands untouched.

13-14 Mimi White gets a sweet ‘1’ from Bolen and destroys the ball for the kill.

14-17 Parker Jones gets a kill with a deflection off of two blockers.

The game is leaking away and the Dons seem unable to stop it.

15-22 Molly Armstrong crushes the ball for the kill.

16-25 Campo

Molly Dalziel
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Game #2

1-3 Jones with a perfect line shot past two blockers for the kill.

2-4 Hannah Roberts fires off a kill to the back line.

3-8 Bolen to Dalziel = kill

4-8 Dalziel and the ace.

5-10 Armstrong and the sweet push shot kill to the open court.

Move along people nothing to see here.

7-15 Jones delivers a perfect drop shot kill.

9-19 Dory Grobeck pushes the ball outside to Dalziel who crushes the ball down 12 feet off the net.

10-19 Grobeck again sets Dalziel and this time the kill is on the line.

11-21 Dalziel with the cross court kill.

The Reverend Al Green version, not Willie Nelson; (ain’t it) Funny How Points Slip Away.

12-25 Campo

Parker Jones
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Game #3

1-1 Bolen sets Webster to the outside. Reilly flies in and with a massive arm swing she crushes the ball to the middle for the kill.

3-5 Dalziel gets a kill off the block.

5-5 J&W roofing, Jones and White, get a much needed block.

8-11 The Dons are letting a little bit slip away when Webster produces a much needed kill.

10-13 Bolen and Armstrong are ‘N SYNC and Armstrong‘s kill goes Bye, Bye, Bye.

11-14 Webster gets a kill off the block.

12-17 Armstrong like the Righteous Brothers brings back that loving feeling with another kill.

13-17 The Dons are channeling the theme to Rawhide; rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ and Dalziel gets a kill to the middle.

14-17 Porep with another ace and the crowd goes wild.

15-19 Dalziel crushes a kill off the block.

17-22 Webster stops the bleeding with a cross court kill.

18-24 Bolen to Armstrong for the tip to the middle.

20-25 Campo

Bolen – 21 assists

Dalziel –  15 kills, 5 digs and 1 assist

Lam – 13 digs

Armstrong – 5 kills

Webster – 4 kills

Jones – 3 kills

The Lady Dons league record now stands at 20 – 8 overall, 8 – 3 in league


Calista Lam
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