Oct 30 – Varsity Volleyball serves up a sweet treat against Miramonte

Having lost earlier in the year to Miramonte, the Dons showed up looking hungry tonight. Nothing scarier than 14 varsity volleyball players wearing wax Dracula teeth.

Big crowd and a lot of energy in the gym. More fun than trick or treating and being presented with a bowl of full sized candy bars.

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Game #1

0-0 Maddie Graham starts the Dons off with a push shot that is sweeter than a handful of candy corn.

1-6 Parker Jones with a rolos shot to the open middle – kill.

2-6 Molly Dalziel‘s cross court crush past two blockers starts off her night.

6-9 Dalziel again with a cross court kill.

9-9 Devin Grobeck‘s Jolly Rancher serve (hard candy) deflects off a Mat’s chest for the ace.

10-9 Grobeck is deal’n and throws the ace to the far corner untouched.

11-15 Graham with the back row kill.

12-17 Mimi White hangs in the air like a spider by a single strand of silk and gets a kill off the block.

13-17 Grace Bolen to Dalziel for a soft back row kill.

14-17 Reilly Webster with a kill between two blockers.

16-17 Armstrong receives Bolen‘s “1” and hits the ball with a crunch for the kill.

19-17 Dalziel takes a little off the Bolen back row set and drops it in the coffin corner.

20-17 Webster‘s kill comes off her hand like a starburst.

21-17 Dalziel back row kill to the other coffin corner.

Hannah Roberts has been serving a bit-o-honey during the last 7 points keeping the Mats out of system.

24-20 Armstrong solo block stops the Mats comeback.

25-20 Dons

Grace Bolen
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Game #2

0-0 Dalziel with the cross court kill off the block.

1-2 Dalziel‘s line kill explodes off a Mat’s chest.

3-5 Jones and Armstrong come together like peanut butter and chocolate for the huge block.

4-9 Roberts with a perfect kill shot to the back row.

5-9 Dalziel – ace.

6-9 Webster with a devastating solo stuff block.

8-11 Webster hits it good and plenty and gets the kill.

9-13 White hits payday with a kill to the middle.

10-14 Dalziel with a push shot to the open corner.

11-15 Bolen‘s set is so sweet that 5 fans go into diabetic shock. Dalziel receives it and crushes a red hot kill on the line.

12-16 Roberts hits a slow rolo to the back corner for the kill.

13-16 Armstrong with the chocolate waterfall kill.

14-16 Bolen to Dalziel for the hit that deflects off a Mat and goes milky way back into the 7th row of the stands.

15-18 3 Musketeers – Dalziel to Bolen to Webster – kill.

16-19 White with a kill off the “1”.

17-21 Webster with a frightful cross court kill.

18-21 Jones and White = block

19-22 Dalziel with a little sugar to the open middle.

21-22 The Dons have been behind the entire game. This is a long point, the crowd is loud and you are sorry that you were not there. Every Don ends up on the floor at one time or another. It has been a rocky road, but Carly Porep delivers the kill to the open middle to tie the game up.

22-22 Calista Lam has been playing solid back row and now gets the much needed ace to take the lead.

23-22 Jones and Armstrong – perfectly timed block.

24-25 Dalziel with the kill on the line.

25-26 Dalziel delivers a push shot for the kill.

27-26 Dalziel with the razzels dazzles ace and win.

28-26 Dons

Molly Armstrong and Parker Jones Blocking
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Game #3

2-7 Webster smoking kill to the back corner is not a milk dud.

3-7 Dalziel hits a shot off the double block that falls out of bounds for the kill.

5-8 Bolen is no butter finger as she sets Dalziel for the kill.

6-8 Armstrong – kill.

7-8 Lam with jolly rancher serve – ace.

8-8 Dalziel gets the kill around two blockers.

9-9 Dalziel – tootsie roll shot to the middle.

10-13 Dalziel – kill off the net, and the net says yes.

11-13 Dalziel puts a little abba zabba on her serve and gets the ace.

12-13 Dalziel takes a little off the serve and the net is a life saver as the ball rolls over for the ace.

13-13 Dalziel – with another ace. It’s all about that ace, bout that ace…

15-16 White and Bolen go up together like a twix bar and get the block.

16-16 White – huge solo stuff block.

17-17 Dalziel scary back row kill.

19-18 Webster pushes the Bolen set past two defenders for the kill.

20-18 Dalziel – yummy.

21-18 Dalziel and the line kill.

22-19 Jones goes up over the block an annihilates the ball for the kill.

23-19 The Dons are ahead, but it feels tight. Bolen takes the pass and sets Dalziel inside the block where she is able to turn on the ball and send it down the line for the kill and the crowd rises to their feet sensing victory.

24-21 Bolen sets Dalziel for the wonka kill.

25-21 Dons

Dalziel – 23 kills and 5 aces

Bolen – 39 assists

Lam – 8 digs

Webster – 7 kills

Armstrong – 4 kills and 2 blocks