Oct 7 – Varsity Volleyball faces Miramonte

Your Acalanes Dons traveled to Orinda to face the Lady Matadors

Game 1

2-0 Parker Jones gets the Dons started with a devastating cross court kill 8 feet off the net.

3-0 Grace Bolen serving the ace!

4-3 Molly Dalziel takes the Bolen set and smashes the ball straight down for the kill.

After a fast start, the Dons are leaking oil.

8-12 Hannah Roberts gets a kill off the block.

10-13 Roberts – ace.

11-13 Molly Armstrong with the big kill to the back corner.

12-18 Armstrong with the kill off the block.

13-18 Dalziel with a kill to the back corner.

14-20 Bolen goes up strong and wins a joust.

15-20 Bolen – hard ace to the corner.

16-20 Bolen with the soft serve short and ace.

19-25 Mats


Game 2

1-3 Jones gets a kill off the block.

2-5 Dalziel and Mimi White team up for the block.

3-6 Dalziel pushes the overpass harmlessly outside the reach of the Mats for the point.

6-7 Roberts with a great pass to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the kill.

10-11 Maddie Graham and White with the roof!

12-12 Graham gets a kill off the block.

12-15 Dalziel slices the ball between two Mats for the kill.

13-17 Armstrong hits a ferocious kill to the back corner.

14-18 A few eggs have to be broken if you want a scramble. Chefs Devon Grobeck and Bolen throw themselves to the floor to keep the ball alive. When the Mats try and put the ball back over the net, Dalziel says no with the solo stuff block.

15-18 Dalziel with the ace.

16-19 Armstrong crushes the kill to the open middle.

17-21 Graham – kill off the block.

18-21 Ambidextrous Graham sprinting towards the net reaches out with her left hand catches the Mats off guard for the kill.

19-24 Graham gets the kill, this time to the back row.

20-25 Mats


Game 3

0-0 The Dons backs are against the wall and Bolen start the Dons off with an ace.

1-4 White crushes the ball off the sweet Bolen “1” – kill.

2-4 Roberts with the knuckle ace.

4-7 Reilly Webster smokes the ball off the block for the kill.

5-7 Roberts – back row kill.

6-8 Bolen sets it and Dalziel tips it harmlessly to the open floor for the point.

7-8 Jones with the nasty roll shot kill.

10-10 This time, Jones hits a fade to the back corner.

11-10 Bolen over in two for the kill.

12-10 Dory Grobeck is on a great serving run keeping the Mats off balance when she gets the ace.

13-11 White hangs in the air and pushes the ball softly to the open floor for the point.

15-11 Bolen – knuckle ace.

16-11 Jones and White roofing show up for work.

17-12 Bolen sets outside to Webster for the kill on the line.

18-13 Bolen again outside only this time it is Dalziel with the kill on the line.

20-15 Bolen sees the open court and takes the second ball over in two for the kill.

21-15 Trash day is Friday at my house, but apparently it is Tuesday in Orinda. Dalziel takes out the trash with the kill.

23-20 Dalziel– kill on the line.

24-21 Armstrong finishes the game off with a fast arm swing kill.

25-21 Dons


Game 4

0-1 Bolen sets Dalziel in the back row and a devastating  kill.

2-1 Grace ace in your face. Bolen – ace.

3-1 Jones roll shots for the kill.

5-5 Dalziel – tip kill.

11-12 Graham ace that hangs on the net and rolls harmlessly for the ace.

12-16 Jones and the solo stuff block.

13-18 Luke Netwalker – “I am your father Parker” –  Jones with the kill that rolls 5 feet down the net.

14-19 Webster kill off the block.

15-19 White with the timing block.

18-21 Webster showing great hands gets the two handed set kill.

19-21 Graham with the vicious kill down the line.

20-23  See above, only insert back row instead of down the line.

23-25 Mats


Dalziel – 10 kills

Jones – 7 kills and 2 blocks

Graham – 6 kills

Armstrong – 5 kills

White – 2 kills and 5 blocks

Bolen – special mention – ties the Dons 2014 season high with 6 aces.