Track Results – Campo and Arcadia

Campo Results

Yesterday was a big rivalry meet against Campolindo, held here at Acalanes. Yesterday morning I received word that one of our 4×100 runners was sick, which meant that I had to make a number changes in events that athletes were scheduled to run on the varsity girls. Fortunately, we have several girls that are multi-talented and making the change was easier.

The Varsity Girls won by a score of 94-42 and the Varsity Boys won by the score of 91-45. The Frosh Soph teams both lost, but I don’t put much weight on their scores, because most of the time our F/S teams are at a disadvantage because we move many of them up to Varsity. So with F/S we look at them individually, as opposed to a team.

The following Frosh/Soph athletes competed yesterday, and when you look at the PR’s from the meet you will see what I mean:

Varsity Girls:

Emily Sverak finished 3rd in 400 and 300H and lead off the 4 x 400, Eliza Parry finished 3rd in 200 and 3rd in LJ, Scarlette McCullough finished 2nd in PV and second in LJ and 3rd in 100 , Anna Weier was first in shot and 3rd in discus, Karen Rosenburg, Mila Mathias finished 3rd in HJ and 2nd in the 200, Mikaela Truong ran the third leg of the 4 x 400.

Varsity Boys:

Keaziah Smith long jumped, Jack Muren ran 100 and 200, Jake Delaney 3rd in 100 and ran 200 and 4 x 100, Riley Noon competed in 1600 and 800 where he finished 3rd, Johnny Choi was third in LJ and first in HJ, Lorenzo Olivar ran the 100 and long/triple jumps, Kevin Mlynek high jumped and ran on the 4 x 400.

This meet we had forty two PR’s or Season Bests:
100 Callen O’Brian 12.44, Anand Patel 12.53 , Krishna Prabaharan 14.21, Scarlette McCullough 13.45
200 Jack Muren 26.80, Callen O’Brian 26.19, Mila Mathias 28.70 and Eliza Parry 28.97
400 Justin Otterson 58.29, Christian Lyons 55.45, Muppy Gragg 59.24, Imani Boggan 59.33, Emily Sverak 63.04, Annie Klopstock 64.02
800 Harrison Seymour 2:15.10, Sidney Zimmerman 2:55.32 and Samantha Swan 2:49.34
1600 Ethan Frigon 4:47.91, Riley noon 4:52.15, Joshua Starr 5:07.04 Nicolas Wilson 5:48.69, Harrison Seymour 5:06.42, Caroline Kelly 5:58.60 Grace Denham 6:21.84
3200 Samantha Swan 13:45.02 and Aubriana Musha 16:44.03
100H Anna Weier 19.90, Bea Weier 20.73
110H Stephan Ramsey 18.79
300H Emily Sverak 49.77, Maren Quintella 59.11, Bea Weier 59.82
Shot Ryan Nall 45’2, Cole Brant 33’ 9.5, Krishna Prabaharan 29” 2.5, Max Anderson 24’9. Francisco Trejo 25’5 Cole Combi 16’6,Mady Kalil 28’ 0, Bea Weier 23’ 5, Ellie Spnk 22’ 8.5, Colette Cornish 21’6 Aimee Gee 7’ 3.5
Discus Francisco Trejo 76’8, Max Anderson 62’6
HJ Johnny Choi 6’0, Irvis Choa 5’2, Lucas Julian 5’ 2
TJ Windy Margerum “ three steps” her way to third place on the all time list with a 14.25” improvement of 35’7, and not to be outdone, Charlie Keohane improves her best by 14.5” to 28’ 10, Irvin Choa 33’ 5.5, and first time triple jumpers Lucas Julian 33’3 and Lorenzo Olivar 33’ 3

Windy Margerum
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Arcadia Results

This past Thursday-Friday we competed in the Arcadia Invitational at Arcadia High School, Arcadia, Ca. This is one of the most outstanding high school track and field meets in the country. It included 1100 athletes and 665 schools from all over the United States and beyond. To qualify, you have to submit this year’s marks and they were verified before entries were accepted. This is one of the hardest meets to qualify for. They actually run four separate meets. Thursday and Friday was a decathlon and heptathlon competition, Friday were relays only in the running events, three heats of each, and some field events. Saturday morning was the Open Section and on Saturday evening there was the Invitational Section (This is the best of the best. Sydney McLaughlin, who competed in the last Olympics as a 16 year old, competed in this Invitational Section in the 300H.)

Muppy Gragg competed in the heptathlon which is 7 events over two days. She finished 10th out of 22 athletes (including athletes from New Zealand, Canada, Georgia, Colorado, Washington) and was one of the only juniors in the event. She had four PR’s and finished in the top four in three of the seven events. Muppy’s Marks in order of competition: 100H, 16.83 (PR); HJ 4′ 11; Shot, 25′; 200, 26:00 (4th and PR); LJ, 17′ 10 (4th PR); Javelin, 65″; 800, 2:21.22 (2nd and PR).

Muppy Gragg
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Windy Margerum competed in the Open Section in the 100H and LJ. In the hurdles there were 42 athletes and Windy finished second overall in the Open Meet, with a time of 14.65 just off her personal best of 14.54, but also Windy finished with the 13th fastest time at the meet, including the Invitational Section. In the LJ Windy finished 3rd with a 18′ 4.5″ in the Open Section, one inch off her best, and she also had the 8th best jump of the meet including the Invitational Section. This makes Windy one of the top athletes in her events in the state.

In the girls 800 Imani Boggan finished 24th out of 42 with a time of 2:18.25, which keeps Imani on pace of improving on her season ending time of 2016. What was impressive about Imani’s race is in the final stretch she passed several runners in front of her, which demonstrates her strength, and will be needed at the end of the season.

Imani Boggan
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We also had two other events scheduled in the Open Section, Muppy in the 300H and the girls 4 x 400. Muppy ran the 300 Hurdles, but was not herself. After the race she had a hard time recovering and difficulty hydrating. It was decided that it was not in Muppy’s or the team’s best interest to run the 4 x 400. Even though this is Arcadia, it is still one race in the middle of the season, and we did not want to jeopardize our chances at a league championship and a strong post season. Unfortunately, Annie Klopstock and Mikaela Truong who qualified and traveled to Arcadia, did not get the opportunity to run in the 4 x 400.

John Crain
Head Track and Field Coach