May 6 – Track and Field Results DFAL Meet at Dublin with Alhambra High

Wednesday, May 6th, both of the Boys and Girls beat Alhambra and lost to Dublin in the 4th DFAL Meet. In that meet we ran, jumped or threw 15 PR’s. Naming a few highlights, the Frosh/Soph Boys Relay ran 49.40 in the 4 x 100. Zachery Tom ran a 12.04.19 in the 3200 placing 6th; Sammy Browne went 8’ in Pole Vault; Greta Kohls went 7’ in Pole Vault; Windy Margerum went 15.82 in 100 Hurdles; Ethan Westemeier went 17. O7 in 110 Hurdles and 40’ 6 in Triple Jump; Jonathan Chiem went 17.28 in 110 Hurdles; Annie Klopstock 60.77 in the 400 Meter; John Liem ran 62.03 in the 400 Meter; Ronnie Marrone 13.01 in the 100 Meter; Muppy Gragg 16’ 10 in the Long Jump; Christy Xie 26’ 8 in Shot and 79’ 11 in Discus; Annalisse Johansson 62’ 3 ½ in Discus.

The most impressive performance was in the Girls 4 x 400. We did not run our A team. Julia Lyons was running her first 400 with three other freshman Marianna Florine, Annie Klopstock, and Muppy Gragg. Annie started the race and handed off to Julia in first, Julia extended the lead and handed off to Marianna 15 yard ahead of the field. The only problem was Marianna had to run against the State Champion 100 Hurdler Mecca Meglaston. Mecca caught Mariana in the first 100 and ended handing off to the 4th leg 45 yards ahead. Muppy got the baton and caught the Dublin girl at the finish line (making up 45 yards), and the Acalanes girls won the race by .03 and ran the second fastest time in the league this year. (Second only to Acalanes.)  The Girls have finished league 3 – 3 and the Boys have finished 4-2.

In addition to many PRs, several athletes had a great showing yesterday, and they should all be proud of themselves.

Listed below are the Top 3 athletes in each event from Wednesday’s Meet.  For a list of full results go to:


Varsity Men Varsity Women
100 Meter 100 Meter
1st Applin, Daniel 11.43 2nd Lyons, Julia 12.97
200 Meter 3rd Marrone, Veronica   13.01
3rd Applin, Daniel 23.59 200 Meter
800 Meter 2nd Gragg, Muppy 26.98
3rd Walker, Patrick 2:14.06 400 Meter
1600 Meter 1st Klopstock, Annie 1:00.77
2nd Gaskell, Cameron 4:37.90 800 Meter
3200 Meter 3rd Lennox, Brooke 2:33.99
1st LeClerc, Nima 10:19.05 1600 Meter
3rd Woodworth, Zachary 10:47.38 2nd Taketa, Samantha 5:33.43
4X100 Relay 100 M Hurdles
2nd 45.90 2nd Margerum, Windy 15.82
4X400 Relay 300 M Hurdles
2nd 3:42.45 2nd Margerum, Windy 51.50
Shotput 4X100 Relay
1st Brydon, Jack 44-09.25 ft 1st 49.80
2nd Parkin, Daniel 41-07.50 ft 4X400 Relay
3rd Rader, Anthony 40-10.00 ft 1st 4:07.00
Discus Shot Put
2nd Brydon, Jack 129-06 ft 2nd Xie, Christy 26-08.00 ft
High Jump Discus
3rd Westemeier, Ethan 5-06.00 ft 2nd Volga, Michelle 81-06 ft
Pole Vault 3rd Xie, Christy 79-11 ft
2nd Shimotake, Alex 10-06.00 ft High Jump
Triple Jump 1st Marrone, Veronica 4-10.00ft
2nd Westemeier, Ethan 40-06.00 ft Pole Vault
3rd Khan, Mariam 8-00.00 ft
Frosh/Soph Men 4th Browne, Sammy 8-00.00 ft tie
100 Meter Long Jump
2nd Burns, Jonathon 12.71 1st Gragg, Muppy 16-10.00 ft
3rd Maderious, Chase 12.73 2nd Lyons, Julia 16-08.50 ft
200 Meter Triple Jump
2nd Quinn, Brady 26.66 3rd Marrone, Veronica 32-00.00 ft
3rd Mountin, Xavier 26.90
400 Meter Frosh/Soph Women
3rd Mountin, Xavier 1:00.40 800 Meter
110 M Hurdle 2nd Hahn, Beatrice 2:54.78
2nd Martinsen, Nicholai 21.07 1600 Meter
4X100 Relay 2nd Kelly, Caroline 6:05.86
2nd 49.50 Pole Vault
4X400 Relay 2nd Kohls, Greta 7-00.00 ft
3rd 4:14.43
Pole Vault
3rd Dunwoodie, Kai 8-00.00ft
Long Jump
3rd Martinsen, Reider 14-11.50ft


Additional Details from the weekend not previously noted:

Last Friday and Saturday, the track team competed in the Charlie Eaton Relays and the Sacramento Meet of Champions.

Friday we saw two PRs, Julia Lyons in her first Long Jump ever went 16’ 8 ¾ (second in league this year) and Ronnie Marrone went 32’ 5 ¼ in the Triple Jump.

The Varsity Girls 4 x 200 (Ronnie Marrone, Jess Mould, Lauren Ladrech, and Marianna Florine) won their heat in the 4 X 200 in 1:53. 76.

On Saturday, Jack Brydon threw the Shot three inches of his league mark leading 47’ 4 ft. Jack was seeded 14, at the start of the meet and finished 6th overall.

To follow our team, go to

Congratulations to all – it has been a long week – get some rest!  See you next week at Campolindo High.


Go Dons Go!