Track and Field DFAL Championship Final Results, Top Six headed to NCS Tri-Valley Championships

507c35_f94d704f9fbd47aa84ac5043a1d9c1a6.jpg_srz_p_307_387_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz High Jump Hurdle Johnathon Long Jump Raea Run Daniel Run Imani Run Muppy Run Nick Shot Put Jack Shot Put Michelle 2 Shot Put Rader Run Nima and Cameron

(Pictured above: Margerum, Westemeier, Chiem, Gragg, R., Applin, Boggan, Gragg, M., Comly, Brydon, Volga, Rader, “Feet on Fire” Gaskell, Le Clerc and Woodworth)


The Track and Field Season will continue to march onto the NCS Tri-Valley Championships on Saturday, May 23rd. Our Acalanes athletes completed the DFAL Championship Finals Friday, May 15th at Campolindo.

The women finished 3rd and the Men 5th. Overall for league, both teams placed 3rd for the year.
At Friday’s meet, we had a total of 19 PRs with 2 athletes – Imani Boggan and Muppy Gragg cementing their names in Acalanes’ “All-Time” List.
Listed below are the Top Six from each event moving on, as well as the athletes that achieved PRs.  Please feel to check out HyTek Meet Manager for the complete list of results – there are many athletes not listed in the Top Six that are always contenders, such as Sammy Taketa, Brooke Lennox, and Nima LeClerc to name a few, that can never be counted out…

Congratulations to all athletes!  Stay healthy, rest up and bring it on!

Go Dons Go!

Varsity Men Varsity Women
100 Meter 100 Meter
4th Applin, Daniel 11.47 2nd Lyons, Julia 12.77 PR
200 Meter 200 Meter
4th Applin, Daniel 23.15 3rd Boggan, Imani 26.09 PR
400 Meter 400 Meter
6th Comly, Nick 51.40 Injured/sick 3rd Boggan, Imani 57.91 PR 2nd fastest in Acalanes history
3200 Meter 4th Gragg, Muppy 58.25 PR 3rd fastest in Acalanes history
1st Gaskell, Cameron 9:28.68 PR 100 M Hurdles
110 M Hurdles 3rd Margerum, Windy 15.71 PR
6th Westemeier, Ethan 17.36 5th Grobeck, Devin 17.22 PR
7th Chiem, Jonathan 17.42 PR 6th Davis, Anna 17.40 PR
300 M Hurdles 300 M Hurdles
5th Westemeier, Ethan 42.97 5th Margerum, Windy 48.67 PR
4X400 Relay 4X100 Relay
6th 3:42.59 4th Acalanes 41.44
Comly, Applin, Iniquez-Stralla, Gonser Marrone, Gragg M., Boggan, Lyons
4X100 Relay 4X400 Relay
3rd 45.33 1st 4:02.08 PR
Boggan, Michon, Gragg, M., Klopstock
Triple Jump Long Jump
4th Westemeier, Ethan 40-05.00 ft 2nd Gragg, Muppy 17-02.00 ft PR 2nd best Acalanes jump since 1993
High Jump 3rd Lyons, Julia 16-05.25 ft
5th Westemeier, Ethan 5-06.00 ft Tie 6th Margerum, Windy 15-07.50 ft
Shotput Triple Jump
1st Brydon, Jack 46-02.00 ft 2nd Margerum, Windy 33-07.25 ft PR
4th Rader, Anthony 40-11.50 ft 4th Gragg, Raea 33-00.50 ft PR
Discus 5th Marrone, Veronica 32-06.75 ft PR
3rd Brydon, Jack 129-09.00 ft Shot Put
4th Rader, Anthony 125-00.00 ft 5th Volga, Michelle 27-09.00 ft
5th Christiansen, Joy 118-03.00ft Discus
5th Xie, Christy 87-04.00 ft PR
6th Volga, Michelle 85-01.00 ft