The Boys Lax team is headed to the Championship!

Wednesday night the Dons faced #4 seed Marin Academy in the NCS Semi-Final game. The Dons possessed the ball for almost the entire first half, scoring 3 goals and shutting MA out for the first 24 minutes. The 2nd half saw a bit more action as the Dons stepped it up a notch and scored 4 goals, with MA managing to get on the board with 2. The Dons ran away with it in the fourth quarter as the momentum set in and 6 more Acalanes’ goals were scored. Final score of the game Dons 13 to MA 5.


Senior Sam deRoque stunned MA’s defense. Photo Courtesy of Terry Maiken

Sam deRoque was unstoppable at face-off winning all 9 of his attempts and scoring the first goal of the game. When MA did manage to get the ball, Vinny Gladden often forced them to drop it and turn it right back over to the Dons. Jack Thoren was outstanding intercepting 3 of MA’s attempts to clear the ball and recovering a number of loose ground balls. The entire Don’s defense played so well that MA was only able to take 5 shots in the entire first half.

Nathan Brickman led in scoring Wednesday night with 3 goals and 1 assist. Sam deRoque and Grant Jackson each scored 2 goals. Leo Barakos, Michael Bone, Adrian Jeffries, Chris Lane, Nathan Lee, and Cole Tanner scored 1 goal each. Two assists came from Jack Thoren. Jackson Birdsall, Michael Bone, Finn Chorak, Vinny Gladden and Adrian Jeffries also contributed with 1 assist each.

Nate Welcomer had 5 saves and Danny Ennis had 5 saves.

ACA Coaches

Thank you to our dedicated coaching staff! Photo courtesy of Terry Maiken

It has been a terrific season for the Dons with a 17-4 record! Many thanks to our hard-working and dedicated coaching staff who are passionate about the game of lacrosse and dedicated to the Acalanes’ program. Just one more game to go coaches!

The Dons advance to the NCS Finals on Friday night at 7pm at Acalanes. Please come and support the Boys as they face Marin Catholic for the 3rd consecutive year.