Sept 11 – Acalanes Volleyball versus Pittsburg

Your Acalanes Dons traveled to Pittsburg to face the Pirates

1-0 Molly Armstrong starts the Dons off with a kill 3 ft off the net.
2-1 Molly Dalziel crushes a Grace Bolen set to the back corner for a kill.
4-1 Dalziel serves up a rocket ace.
6-3 Parker Jones gets into the action with a crush down the line for the point.
7-3 Julia Gay serves a float 3 inches off the net for the ace.
10-5 Reilly Webster – ace.
13-8 Bolen sees the overpass, times her jump perfectly and stuff blocks her opponent.
14-9 Dalziel smashes the ball off the double blockers and the ball falls out of bounds for the point.
15-9 Armstrong and Jones combine for a wall of hands and the block.
17-11 Armstrong times the set from Bolen perfectly and smokes a hit for the kill.
19-14 Mimi White receives the 1 and crushes onto the 10 ft line for the point.
20-14 Devin Grobeck serves a hard knuckle that explodes off of a Pirate chest for the ace.
21-14 See previous point
23-14 Devin Grobeck comes up with another bullet ace.
24-14 White hits a sweet cross court kill for the win.
25-14 Dons

Game 2
1-1 It was 100+ degrees outside and Bolen gets the Dons cooled off with a soft serve ace.
3-2 Jones – straight down!
6-3 J. Gay – ace.
7-3 Bolen back sets Jones for the kill.
8-3 Webster smokes a cross court kill to the 10 foot line.
9-3 J. Gay serves between two Pirates for the ace.
10-4 Dory Grobeck pushes the ball to the back row where Dalziel crushes it for the kill.
13-4 White with the stuff block.
16-7 Dory Grobeck sets to White. It is mistimed and White with a back bending yoga pose floats the ball over the net for the softest kill of the night.
18-7 Devin Grobeck’s serve falls for the ace.
20-7 White gets a kill off of the block.
21-7 Devin Grobeck is considering driving to Vegas. If you think 5 aces is good, Devin has her 6th.
22-7 Maddie Graham delivers the cross court kill.
23-7 White looks one way and pushes the ball to the other and just outside the reach of her opponents.
25-9 Dons Win

Game 3
0-1 Bolen pushes the set to the opposite side of the court where Parker gets the kill.
3-6 Jones – point off of the double block.
6-5 Graham smokes it down the line for a kill.
8-9 Bolen with a deceptively sneaky over in two for the point.
10-9 Hannah Roberts floats a soft serve for the ace.
11-9 One woman wrecking crew –Bolen stuffs a ball back over the net. Pittsburg gets the ball back in play and when they try to put it over again, this time Bolen blocks them for the point.
15-16 Dory Grobeck back sets Graham for the kill to the back row.
16-16 Armstrong and Jones again team up fro the double stuff block.
17-17 Armstrong gets a kill off of the back set.
19-17 Webster takes an over pass and crushes it straight down.
Ignore this part, something went sideways for the Dons.
21-25 Pirates win.

Game 4
2-3 Dalziel with the kill off of the block.
3-3 Dalziel with the ace floaty.
Move along people nothing to see for a while.
11-17 Armstrong pushes a tip off of the double block for the point.
13-17 Repeat above.
14-18 Dalziel soars form the back row for the kill.
17-19 J. Gay ace with the roller off the net.
18-19 Bolen with a sweet back set to Jones for the rocket kill on the line.
21-24 Dalziel back row kill.
22-24 Dalziel and White team up for the block.
23-25 Pirates win.

Game 5
The gym is rocking and there is some strong uncertainty at this point.
0-0 Armstrong starts it off with a smooth kill to the back corner.
1-0 Jones takes a Bolen set for the kill.
2-0 An over pass at the net and Dalziel smokes the ball 2ft off of the net.
3-0 Bolen with the Grace ace in your face.
5-2 Jones – cross court kill off of the back set.
8-6 Dalziel kill to the 10 ft line.
11-10 Dalziel ace.
13-10 Armstrong kill.
14-11 Serve to Dalziel, sweet pass to Bolen and the sweet set to Parker for the kill and game!
15-11 Dons

Jones 10 kills and 2 blocks
Dalziel 8 kills, 3 aces and 14 digs
Armstrong 6 kills and 2 blocks
White 5 kills
Devin Grobeck 6 aces
J. Gay 3 aces and 22 digs

Bolen 34 assists


By Doug Dalziel