Sep 20 – Thursday Sports and Wednesday Results

In yesterdays action…
At the DFAL Center Meet the varsity boys and girls placed 2nd.  The JV girls won the meet and the boys placed 3rd.  The frosh-soph girls placed 3rd.

In todays action…
The girls volleyball team hosts Las Lomas HS.  Freshmen play at 4:00, JV at 5:00 and varsity at 6:30.
The girls tennis team has a match against Dougherty Valley HS at 3:30.  Varsity is home and JV is away.
The girls golf team has a match against Miramonte HS at Orinda CC at 3:15.
The freshman football team hosts Campolindo HS at 5:00.

Yesterdays individual standouts…

Cross country    Annie Marggraff won the varsity girls division by 27 seconds, and Kelly Collins placed 5th, Amy Hollshwandner 6th and Caith Wright 10th. Adler Faulkner placed 4th, Keenan Byrne 5th, Scott Lindsay 10th, Tristan Tarpey 12th, Cameron Gaskell 15th, and Alec Weber 18th in the varsity boys  division. Kelli Berge, Haley Kisner, Caroline Wilcox, Emily Cavanaugh and Brianna Grether all placed in the to eight in the JV girls division. Ross Dudakov placed 4th, Nick Warren 10th and Jack Main 18th in the JV boys division. Amy Strobelt placed 4th, Sophia Frumenti 5th and Nikki Roos 16th in the frosh-soph girls division.  Nima LeClerc placed 8th and Aaron Harman 13th in the frosh-soph boys division.

R. Takahashi