Sep 9 – Acalanes Volleyball versus San Ramon

Your Acalanes Dons traveled to Danville to face San Ramon Valley

Game 1 (of the season)
0-1 Dons trailing, Mimi White goes up for the solo stuff block to even the score.
Both teams are getting early season jitters out when at 11-12, Reilly Webster blocks the ball down to even the score.
11-13 Molly Armstrong with the cross court kill.
13-14 Molly Dalziel crushes the ball down the line for the kill.
16-18 Parker Jones out jousts a SRV player for the block and point.
17-22 Webster take the set from Grace Bolen and tips it over two defenders for the kill.
19-22 SRV win

Game 2
0-0 Dalziel starts the game off with a back row kill.
2-3 Dalziel takes the set from Bolen and destroys the ball for the kill.
8-10 Webster hits it past two defenders for the kill on the line.
9-11 Dalziel back row kill.
12-14 Hannah Roberts with the Ace, Ace in your face.
13-20 The Dons are leaking oil, Dalziel take a sweet Bolen set and crushes it on the line for the point.
14-23 Bolen feeds Dalziel in the back row for the kill.
15-23 Bolen again goes back to Dalziel for the back row shot that tips off the defenders for the point.
15-25 SRV win

Game 3
0-1 White roll shots over two for the point.
2-2 Bolen to Dalziel for the kill
5-6 Jones tip finesse pushes the ball over two reaching Wolves for the point.
8-12 Roberts Ace!
12-13 Dalziel takes a Bolen set straight down for the kill.
19-21 White looks one way and perfectly tips the ball the other for a Dons point.
20-21 Devin Grobeck’s knuckle ball glances off the unprepared SRV defender for the Ace.
21-21 The gym is rock’n and Webster tip the ball just outside of the outstretched arm of the SRV defender for the point.
22-22 Julia Gay (who has been playing solid defense all night) produces the needed Ace.
The game goes to 24-24, then 25-25 and when the Dons back is against the wall, Jones jumps high and stuff blocks SRV.
26-27 Bolen sets Dalziel in the back row for the kill.
27-29 SRV win

Doug Dalziel