Sep 30 – Unified Sports

The Acalanes High School District is beginning the Unified Sports program this year and the first sport is soccer.  This program is for students in the life skills or learning skills classes that are not able to participate in the regular athletic programs. We currently have ten unified athletes and nine unified partners that are varsity soccer players. The first two practices occurred this week and it was phenomenal.  The unified athletes are having a great time.

Coach Nick Lee (2011 Acalanes alumnus) said, they are improving at an incredible rate.  Jasy Radmanovic is the other coach and Holly Thompson is the director for the district and our site.

A huge thank you to our unified partners that are donating their time and have worked with the athletes with great care and compassion.

Cate Combi
Callie Ericksen
Sophia Giordano
Payson Newman
Jackie Nichols
Gabe Singer
Emily Smith
Mark Von Hacht
Drew Wondolowski